How to apply for auto insurance when buying a car in a different place

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Car insurance can be purchased in different places, as long as the owner’s ID card is available, and now many large insurance companies are supporting the nation-wide compensation, these companies have set up branches in various cities in the country, after the owner has purchased the car insurance in different places, once the insurance is … Read more

Price of new car insurance, calculation method of new car insurance

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Compared to the lack of supplies in the last century, now our life can be described as a variety of colorful, a wide variety of products. Even in the past, many cars that were out of reach of ordinary families have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. Now more and more people have a … Read more

How to deal with Five social insurance and one housing fund after immigration

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Want to learn more about the social security after the migration of five insurance and one housing fund how to deal with the knowledge, please see the following introduction. How to deal with five social insurance and one payment after immigration? According to Article 14 of the Social Insurance Law, an individual account may not … Read more

How to Renew auto insurance?

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To learn more about how to renew your car insurance, please see the following introduction. More than the vehicle renewal time did not renew the owner of the car is not a small number of each year, there are also many car owners to choose the wrong renewal plan, because the renewal of some things … Read more

How to calculate the rate of vehicle damage insurance

In the current car insurance market, the car damage insurance is one of the most important types of insurance. Vehicle damage insurance is responsible for compensation due to natural disasters and accidents caused by the loss of the vehicle itself. From the general collision accident to the destruction of the car, it is necessary to … Read more

How to buy car insurance in the first year

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To learn more about how to buy car insurance in the first year, please see the following. With the economic rise, the car is no longer a luxury, more and more people choose to buy a car, and the most important thing after the car is to buy vehicle insurance. So, how to buy car … Read more

How much is the car insurance? How to buy?

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Want to know more about car insurance in general knowledge, please see the following introduction. Car owners to buy car insurance, the most concerned about a factor should be the cost, the car insurance price is how much? Follow the small make up with a look at it! This is mainly related to the type … Read more

What are the auto insurance items included?

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As the economy grows, the car is no longer a luxury, many people choose to buy a car to facilitate travel, after the purchase of a car, they must choose to buy car insurance, many car owners know little about car insurance. So, what are the items of car insurance? Traffic mandatory risk Motor vehicle … Read more

What does auto commercial insurance include?

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1. Vehicle damage insurance: Vehicle loss insurance refers to the loss of the insured vehicle caused by natural disasters (excluding earthquake) or accidents within the scope of insurance liability, and the insurer shall pay compensation according to the provisions of the insurance contract. 2. Third party liability insurance: It refers to the direct loss of … Read more

What problems should be paid attention to in auto self-ignition insurance claims?

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The phenomenon of auto-ignition generally occurs in the hot summer. If the car in the driving spontaneous combustion how claims? In the event of a disaster, do not hide in the car, the car is a dangerous place, can not protect the safety of life. Once the car spontaneous combustion on the road, the car … Read more