Under what circumstances does car glass insurance pay the full compensation?

auto glass insurance coverage

There are not a few traffic accidents on the road every year, including some glass breakage. Every year, insurance companies receive a variety of glass window broken cases, many of which are malicious window cases, but these cases are not always the insurance company compensation. So is it necessary to buy Glass insurance? The glass … Read more

Auto insurance claims process, auto insurance claims required materials

Auto insurance claims process

With the increasing level of social development, vehicles have become the most important means of transport for our travel. Car insurance can protect our travel, even in the event of a traffic accident can be calm to deal. So after the occurrence of insurance accidents, how should we deal with it correctly? How to apply … Read more

How to choose vehicle insurance? car insurance knowledge

vehicle insurance

Many car owners may encounter some problems when purchasing commercial car insurance. For example, “it is said that a new car or novice is going to buy full insurance, and the old owner only needs to buy a third party liability insurance”. Third party liability insurance is really very important, but choose 500,000 or 1 … Read more

If the vehicle fails to report to the police in time after the accident, will the insurance company pay for it?

general accident car insurance

Every time with the beginning of the holiday countdown, many people began to struggle: In the end is to stay at home, or to go out for relaxation? In the holiday when the choice of self-driving people is certainly not in the minority, then the probability of an accident or traffic accident will be greatly … Read more

What is vehicle loss insurance? Scope of compensation for vehicle loss insurance

buying a total loss vehicle

Vehicle loss insurance is a very important type of car insurance, and many car owners consider buying. It refers to the loss of the insured vehicle itself caused by natural disasters (excluding earthquakes) or accidents within the scope of insurance liability. To understand the scope of insurance compensation for vehicle loss insurance, in order to … Read more

What should be the claims for allopatry auto insurance accidents?

cheap auto insurance

Now with the gradual improvement of road traffic, self-driving car to the field is very common. But the car in different places will face some trouble, such as the accident after the claim problem, when the body is in the field, what should be done in case of an accident? Do you know how to … Read more

Best state conditions after retirement

Time slowly forward, in this let us cry and smile in the world, can not keep the life of the permanent, can not stop the face of aging. Taste the sweet and bitter, we will find that aging is also a kind of landscape, even if retired, there are our exclusive happiness and happiness. When … Read more

The difference between disability insurance and serious illness insurance is so big, do you know?

disability insurance for individuals

With the progress of society, people’s acceptance of all kinds of insurance gradually increased, which in turn further promoted the development of the insurance industry. But the problem also follows, in the face of a wide variety of types of insurance which is the most suitable for their own? The following is not easy to … Read more

What insurance can be purchased for persons with disabilities?

disability insurance

Disabled people are a group of people who need insurance very much because they have no support after the accident. So, what insurance can people with disabilities buy? What should be paid attention to when buying! First, the disabled can buy insurance Disabled people are a special group, because of physical defects, so can not … Read more