Accident insurance which is better? Early purchase is important

Accidents are ubiquitous, and it is necessary to develop a comprehensive protection plan for themselves and their families as much as possible. Therefore, it is imperative to buy accident insurance as soon as possible, so accident insurance which is good? The following article is a brief introduction.

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Accident insurance which is good?

Accident insurance which good expert for you to analyze

Which accident insurance is better? It is recommended that you choose the return accident insurance of Xinnuo Trust, whose specific advantages are as follows:

personal accident insurance

1, pay 10 years, guarantee 20 years. Only need to pay the first 10 years of premium, the remaining 10 years without paying any fees can enjoy personal accident insurance protection;

2, the insurance period did not occur within the agreed insurance accident, the return of 110% of the premium has been paid to enjoy the long-term insurance insurance can also return the premium, is a personal accident insurance product with the dual function of protection and premium return;

3. Sea, land and air security, one-time delivery. One-time payment for death or total disability due to an accident, which is doubled for death or total disability due to a car accident when a passenger pays for traveling on a water or land public transport, payment as a passenger on an air-to-public means of transport, resulting in death or total disability 3 times;

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4. Care insurance. 36 months of continuous protection of their own and their families as a result of an accident or a total disability can be paid care insurance, monthly payment of basic insurance amount of 2%, 36 months of continuous payment;

5, non-accidental causes of death or total disability, can also be paid 110% of the premium due to non-accident (such as due to health reasons) caused by death or total disability, or the expiration of the insurance has not been agreed on the occurrence of insurance accidents, the return of all paid 110% of the premium;

6, the one-year “global emergency rescue service” to travel suddenly discomfort or accidental injury, only a phone call, we help customers to contact the local doctor, pharmacy. At the same time, it can also provide a series of air and ground rescue services. Assist clients to quickly resolve medical emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Accident insurance which is good to buy early is important

Mr. Zhang is worried about the accident, so he wants to buy an accident insurance, but he does not know which accident insurance is better? Later in the introduction of a friend to buy a large insurance company’s insurance, at the same time experts pointed out that the impact of accident insurance rates are two factors: first, the insured to engage in the work of the degree of risk; the second is the nature of the term of insurance. If the degree of risk is high, the premium rate is high, and the degree of risk is low, the premium rate is low.

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The above is the “accident insurance which is good” all the introduction, at the same time we need to note that many people think that the lower the price of accident insurance, the better, this view is not desirable, because the accident insurance is only responsible for the accidents within the scope of responsibility of the policy, not for all accidents. Therefore, some accident insurance products to narrow the scope of protection to reduce the price, the actual effect is not improved.

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