Do you know the difference between accidental disability and work-related injury disability?

First, what is accidental disability

Accidental disability refers to physical disability caused by an accident, and the degree of disability is clearly listed in the provisions of the insurance policy. For example, the lowest grade of disability is the absence of the thumb or index finger of one hand, or other fingers with two or more fingers missing, resulting in a permanent loss of skills of the missing fingers. Generally speaking, insurance companies do not assume their insurance liability for all accidental disabilities. They only deal with accidental injuries that meet the degree of disability and payment standards stipulated in the insurance contract, the insurance liability shall be borne according to the proportion of payment agreed in the contract. Where only a high grade of disability is specified, the insured may be assessed as a next grade of disability if the disability does not reach a high grade of disability. For example, the degree of disability for permanent complete blindness in both eyes is the first level, where blindness includes the absence or removal of the eyeball, the inability to distinguish between light and dark, and the ability to identify only the hands in front of the eyes, the best corrected visual acuity is lower than that of the international standard visual acuity chart 0.02, or the radius of the field of vision is less than 5 degrees; If it does not reach the first level, it can be assessed as the second, third, fourth, or third according to the actual degree of dysfunction, grade five, six, or seven.

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Second, what is the injury disability

Work-related injuries are generally after the end of its medical treatment, through the Labor appraisal committee at or above the county level to assess their disability level. The application for the identification of the ability to work for a work-related injury is submitted to the municipal commission for the identification of the ability to work according to the following time limit through the employing unit, the injured worker or his close relatives or the agents entrusted by him:

(1) where the determination of work-related injury has been made before the termination of medical treatment, an application shall be filed within 30 days after the termination of medical treatment;

2. Where the determination of work-related injury is made after the termination of medical treatment, an application shall be filed within 30 days after the determination of work-related injury;

3, the application for the identification of the recurrence of the old injury, should be submitted before the end of treatment after the occurrence of the disease.

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Third, the difference between accidental disability and injury disability

First of all, the appraisal of work-related injury and disability is the appraisal of the ability to work made by the designated hospital entrusted by the social security department. This appraisal is representative of the state, the authority is relatively large, and it is very fair and objective; and accidental disability it’s disability identification is through the specialized judicial identification of its disability identification. The two are relatively or the social security department to make the identification of the authority is relatively large. Second, between them the payment of the main body is not the same, the identification of work injury and disability is identified by the social security department, so its payment of the main body is the social security department, is more authoritative and representative. And accidental disability disability appraisal payment subject is an insurance company, the authority and representativeness is relatively not so strong. Moreover, the cost of identification of work-related injuries and disabilities can be compensated to the social security department after the identification of these costs, but the costs required for the identification of accidental disability can only be paid out of their own pocket and cannot be compensated.

So the difference between the two is still relatively large.

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