Best state conditions after retirement

Time slowly forward, in this let us cry and smile in the world, can not keep the life of the permanent, can not stop the face of aging.

Taste the sweet and bitter, we will find that aging is also a kind of landscape, even if retired, there are our exclusive happiness and happiness.

When life is late, how is the best? And listen to some books.

how to enjoy life after retirement

After retirement, the best figure is slightly fat

As the old Chinese saying goes, “it is difficult to buy money from the old”, many people do not want to eat more meat, and they do not want to eat more eggs!

In fact, “Old to thin” is not a healthy body, a “slightly fat” people are healthier!

Slightly fat body can improve immunity, protect important organs, make you live longer.

People who are slightly fat are round and full, and they look better and more happy.

purposeful life after retirement

After retirement, the best care products, is a smile

There is a 94-year-old man who has a healthy gait and looks like his early 60 s.

Asked him the secret of longevity, what supplements to eat, what exercise, he did not speak, pointed to the smile on his face.

In the second half of life, the best way to live is a word: “Smile.”

Smile is the best care products, is the cheapest frozen age secret recipe.

A smile or a smile, a smile-like life will have a wonderful reason.

After retirement, the best relationship is to get along with not tired

As the older, more and more feel: the best relationship, the measure is “not tired”.

“No tiredness” means that there is no aggression, and there is no need to guard against each other.

You know my difficulty, I understand your hard.

When you don’t want to talk or talk about a topic for a while, you should do your own things, do not disturb each other, and be safe.

We are not money, it is impossible to make everyone satisfied, the rest of life is precious, do not force yourself, to run an uncomfortable relationship.

after retirement pension

After retirement, the best friend is a friend

Retired, in addition to family, is often accompanied by friends.

A friend is a rare friend. Friends, in the quality, rather than quantity, potatoes pull a car, not as a pearl.

People are old, there are three or five close friends can accompany the white head, it is not in expense to go to this world.

When the weather is fine, I go to the park for morning exercises; When I am free, I come out to have tea, chat, and play chess.

If you have something in mind, don’t press in your heart, so as not to get sick, talk to your old friends, your heart will be much more happy.

what to do after retirement

After retirement, the best state is peace of mind

Qian Zhong-Shu said a word:

“Take a shower, watch a flower, eat a meal,

If you feel happy, not all because of a clean bath, good flowers, or dishes to your taste, mainly because your heart is not bad.”

People live a lifetime, but only for the peace of mind. Heart, always spring.

At this age, we need not be too concerned about children. Children and children have their own children and children.

There is no need to care too much about the substance. More money, less money, enough to spend.

If the heart is good, people will be free, in order to spend the rest of their lives without care.

low stress jobs after retirement

After retirement, the best way to support the elderly is to take good care of yourself

An old mother raised her son with difficulties and called her son before retirement, hoping to live with her son after retirement.

Unexpectedly, his son called back and said:

“Mom, after the discussion of our whole family, you raised me, about 150,000 yuan, I now give you an account of 200,000, you do not disturb us again.”

After hearing this, the old mother was heartbroken. It is said that “raising children and preventing old age” can put the old-age care on the children, which is very unreliable.

where to put retirement money after retirement

Taking care of yourself is the best way to support the elderly.

So, how should we take care of ourselves?

1. Arrange your own time

People are old, time, but it is very precious, there are plans, there are arrangements to live, sign up for the old university, dance, fitness, flowers, can enrich our lives.

2. Be willing to spend money

Our consumption in the second half of life is limited, there is no need to be mean to yourself, occasionally buy some good-looking new clothes, go to the restaurant, and friends travel, can also improve the quality of life.

3. Don’t stay at home, often go out for a walk

At home every day, the heart will be trouble. If you want to have a good time, you might as well go out and get some air.

Retired can participate in community activities, and everyone together to play mah-jongg, volunteer, to know more people, you can also and three or two friends to go to the park, listen to the morning birds.

after retirement life

4. Pay attention to daily instrument

When you dress appropriately, the whole person is full of spirit and more confident, and will look more than ten years younger than the actual age!

5. Adhere to exercise

Good health is the basis for keeping young, and people who are not old must insist on exercise, so that they have a vitality from the inside out.

6. Maintain a young mind

The mentality of young people, in them you may be able to see the eyes of the eyebrow wrinkles, but more let you take your eyes is his energetic face and love the spirit of life.

after retirement plans

7. The body is the largest capital

Old age, a small problem is normal, do not avoid medical treatment.

Every year regular medical examination, small problems drag on, not only to find themselves, but also to the children of trouble.

Remember to give yourself a life insurance, in order to better prepare for the future.

At this age, I have seen too many wind and waves, experienced too many encounters, and for the rest of my life, remember to be good to me.

life after retirement quotes

After retirement, life should be more interesting, happy every day, live the best days, this is the best feedback to life.

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