What should be the claims for allopatry auto insurance accidents?

Now with the gradual improvement of road traffic, self-driving car to the field is very common. But the car in different places will face some trouble, such as the accident after the claim problem, when the body is in the field, what should be done in case of an accident? Do you know how to handle off-site accident claims? Which areas can not be stepped on, the car insurance company may refuse to pay? This article will provide you with some suggestions.

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First of all, I would like to share a case: Mr. Li had an accident during a self-driving tour in the field, and the other owner admitted his responsibility, considering that the settlement procedure is very complicated and delays the return, finally, Mr. Li agreed to use 1000 yuan. After returning to the local area, Mr. Li sent the car to the factory for repair, and found that the entire repair of the vehicle was 4000 yuan. Mr. Li was so anxious that he called the insurance company and the result was no claim. The reason for the refusal was that Mr. Li had repaired the vehicle and could not obtain evidence of the accident in Yunnan. This is a very typical off-site accident case, the owner of Mr. Li a series of improper operation also led to his final loss of 3000 yuan.

How to pay for the accident in different places?
1, the first time to take photographs

Whether you are fully responsible for the primary or secondary responsibility, first use the mobile phone to take pictures of the scene of the accident and the damaged parts of the vehicles on both sides.

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2, the alarm claims to get the required proof of accident

After the accident, the owner should immediately report to the local traffic police department, waiting for the duty traffic police to come over to deal. If you take the rapid treatment of traffic accidents or private, please report to the local traffic police department within 48 hours. Reminder: there is a clear provision in the exemption clause of the vehicle damage insurance: After the insured is aware of the occurrence of the insurance accident, the insured shall report the case to the relevant local authorities within 48 hours and notify the insurer. Otherwise, the insurer shall not be liable for compensation for the part of the loss that cannot be determined or expanded.

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3, call the insurance company’s national unified service telephone

At present, with the development of the insurance industry, most insurance companies have opened a national claims service. After an accident occurs in other places, you only need to call the insurance company’s national unified service telephone, and you can quickly complete the off-site reporting, damage, vehicle repair and other work under the guidance of the relevant staff, then the claims can also be completed in an off-site.

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