Under what circumstances does car glass insurance pay the full compensation?

There are not a few traffic accidents on the road every year, including some glass breakage. Every year, insurance companies receive a variety of glass window broken cases, many of which are malicious window cases, but these cases are not always the insurance company compensation. So is it necessary to buy Glass insurance? The glass insurance is called the “glass breakage risk” and is an additional risk to the vehicle damage risk, so it can only be purchased after the vehicle damage risk is purchased.

auto glass insurance coverage

The coverage of the risk of glass breakage is limited, it is specifically for the insurance period, the vehicle in the process of use of the windshield or window glass broken alone to compensate. For example, a claim can be made if a falling object (non-human) hits the glass, or breaks the glass due to a bump while driving on a construction Road, or is often hit by a flying stone while driving at a high speed.

broken car window insurance claim

In terms of premium, if it is domestic glass, it is generally more than 100 yuan, and imported glass is relatively expensive. The auto insurance company’s compensation price is generally more than 1000 yuan (including maintenance and other costs), the import of glass will reach 5000 yuan.

It is worth noting that the lights and mirror glass, not in the scope of claims. So, to sum up the following recommendations: If you often run the highway, you want to buy; If you have a car and the Community Security is not in place, to buy; if your neighborhood is an underground parking lot and you don’t care about the money, you don’t have to buy it.

auto glass insurance deductible

Will the man break the window not compensate? Unfortunately, such a thing as a car is a criminal case, and the insurance company does not compensate. What you can do is to catch the perpetrator with the police and let him or her pay compensation.

car window glass insurance

In addition to the artificial crushing of glass, no compensation, there are also some cases outside the scope of claims. For example, the glass film does not compensate, most car owners like to help the car film, some film Price is not cheap, after the car glass is broken, the film will be damaged, can not be used again, in this case, the insurance company also does not compensate. Insurance coverage is often clearly defined, in order to avoid unnecessary losses, we must understand clearly in advance.

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