What is the auto insurance calculator of the knowledge of auto insurance

Today, the car insurance business has made considerable development in the domestic market is very broad. Especially in recent years, the car gradually entered the ordinary people’s homes, the importance of car insurance and social also gradually appear, its role is becoming more and more obvious. In order to facilitate the purchase of insurance, car insurance calculator came into being, it is a convenient tool to calculate the insurance premium. Through the car insurance calculator, the owner can roughly or even accurately calculate how much they need to pay car insurance.

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As a relatively professional service products, car insurance we understand it is inevitable that there will be errors. Every car owner is looking forward to a convenient, safe, non-interference insurance service model, car insurance calculator is such, the owner only need to select the location, enter the purchase price and other simple information, the auto insurance price grid of 18 insurance companies can be obtained at the same time, which is convenient for horizontal comparison.

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Through the online rapid landing platform, complete the corresponding operation, you can quickly get the car insurance quotation; And through the accurate quotation platform, the car insurance fee calculator directly linked to the Insurance Regulatory Commission insurance system, the car insurance costs and car prices, comprehensive calculation of various factors such as insurance type combination (or protection combination), insurance amount, previous year claim record and so on, and finally accurate calculation results are obtained.

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Automobile insurance business plays an important role in property insurance. At present, automobile insurance business in most developed countries plays a very important role in the entire property insurance business. Auto insurance premium income in the United States accounts for about 45% of the total property insurance premium and about 20% of the total premium. In Asia, Japan and Taiwan’s auto insurance premium accounts for about 58% of the total premium of property insurance.

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With the increase of car ownership year by year, the premium income of auto insurance business has increased rapidly in the past 20 years. In domestic insurance companies, the premium income of auto insurance business accounts for more than 50% of the total premium income of their property insurance business, and the premium income of some companies accounts for more than 60% of the total premium income of their property insurance business. Car insurance business has become a property insurance company’s “food insurance”.

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