What is the case of non-compensation of auto insurance claims?auto insurance claims knowledge

With the gradual development of the insurance industry, the relevant insurance services are getting better and better, and now most insurance companies have the national service, but the distribution density of institutional outlets is different between large and small insurance companies, therefore, the claims experience has both advantages and disadvantages. With a branch of the insurance company, the owner can apply for claims in different places; And no branch of the insurance company, the owner has to wait until the back insurance claims.

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In the insurance claims, but also need to pay special attention to the insurance company does not compensate, there are mainly the following:

1, after a traffic accident, if the car damage is not large, the two sides do not want to go to the insurance process, you can choose to settle, the insurance company will not pay.

When you go out, you are afraid of trouble, and the insurance premium will rise in the next year. The owner of the small accident will choose to be private, so the insurance company will not compensate for it, car owners need to have a clear understanding of the accident liability and vehicle loss, or easy to suffer!

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2. No compensation for the damage caused by the vehicle traveling again

Auto insurance provisions: when the car accident, the driver without the necessary repair will continue to use the car, resulting in the expansion of car losses part of the insurance company does not claim. Therefore, if the degree of damage to the vehicle is not suitable for continued driving, it is recommended that the professional trailer company to the repair point.

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3. No compensation for the repair of the car before the damage is determined

Some car owners do not report to the insurance company after the occurrence of the collision, but first look for a repair shop, and want to wait for the car to repair and then seek reimbursement from the insurance company. In this case, the insurance company will refuse compensation on the grounds that the loss cannot be determined.

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Off-site risk is often more troublesome, so if the accident is not very big, many people will also consider private this way, then in the end is private or go insurance? A lot of people in the off-site bump, rubbing and other small accidents, or because of the urgent travel, or because the private is more convenient and convenient, they want to use the private way to deal. Small make up need to remind everyone is: off-site risk do not rush to private, depending on the situation!

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