Auto insurance claims process, auto insurance claims required materials

With the increasing level of social development, vehicles have become the most important means of transport for our travel. Car insurance can protect our travel, even in the event of a traffic accident can be calm to deal. So after the occurrence of insurance accidents, how should we deal with it correctly? How to apply for a claim for vehicle insurance? Let’s take a look at the process of auto insurance claims.

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1. Basis of claim sheet

Under normal circumstances, the repair price of the fixed loss order refers to the complete set of maintenance costs of the car. Unless the insurance company in the repair process found that the new parts of the failure, the need to re-determine the loss, otherwise the loss of the repair price will be the basis for the insurance company to give the owner compensation.

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2. Rescue and settlement of risk in different places

When the car is out of danger, the owner must report the case in time, and wait for the insurance company’s damage and rescue. The owner must not repair the car or the manual cart, sometimes smart and smart, due to the unauthorized hauling of the car caused by the expansion of damage, the insurance company is usually not responsible for claims. When the car is out of danger, the owner also needs to take a photo of the scene of the accident as a proof of claim. If it is difficult to determine the damage in the predetermined time to do the accident damage work, the owner can also through these photos and the actual maintenance documents, to the insurance company claims.

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3. Evidence should be retained for a private accident

The rapid handling at the scene of the accident facilitated both sides of the accident, but some drivers did not understand the “rapid handling of accidents” procedures and regulations, and thought that as long as the responsible party paid for the accident, it would be over, even the traffic police did not inform the scene, the results in the insurance claims are very troublesome.

Auto insurance claims process

Auto insurance claims also need to prepare the corresponding materials, under normal circumstances should provide the following documents:

1, insurance policies.

2. Notice of risk.

3, insurance vehicle accident proof, responsibility identification.

4. Invoice and list of relevant repair cost and rescue cost.

5, involving the third party property loss, casualties must also provide the hospital diagnosis certificate, disability identification, death certificate, missed work and lost work fee certificate, family members and income status certificate, accident mediation.

6, for some cases, the insurance company will also require a copy of the driver’s driver’s license and a copy of the ID card.

7. Other documents required by the insurance company.

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