What are the auto insurance items included?

As the economy grows, the car is no longer a luxury, many people choose to buy a car to facilitate travel, after the purchase of a car, they must choose to buy car insurance, many car owners know little about car insurance. So, what are the items of car insurance?

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Traffic mandatory risk

Motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance is the first compulsory insurance system implemented by law in China. The traffic compulsory insurance is the insurance company’s personal injury and property loss caused by the insured motor vehicle road traffic accident, within the insurance liability limit, to the victim (excluding the car personnel and the insured) A compulsory liability insurance for compensation.

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Commercial principal insurance

Vehicle damage insurance

Vehicle loss insurance refers to the loss of the insured vehicle caused by natural disasters (excluding earthquake) or accidents within the scope of insurance liability, and the insurer shall pay compensation according to the provisions of the insurance contract. This is contrary to the third party just care of their own, if you take care of their own car to buy.

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Third party liability insurance

Shall be responsible for the liability for compensation for the personal injury or death of another person (I. E., a third party) or direct damage to property caused by an accident occurring during the use of the insured vehicle. When you crash or hit a person, you are most afraid of driving. If you lose your own car, you have to spend a lot of money to compensate for the loss of others.

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Robbery And Theft Insurance

The insurance liability for the entire vehicle of the motor vehicle shall be for the loss of the vehicle caused by the theft, robbery and capture of the whole vehicle, as well as the damage to the vehicle or the parts and components of the vehicle during the theft, robbery and capture, loss of ancillary equipment requires reasonable cost of repair.

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On-board personnel liability insurance

Shall be responsible for the liability for compensation for the personal injury or death of the persons on the vehicle and the direct damage to the goods carried on the vehicle caused by the accident of the insured vehicle. One of the personnel on the vehicle personal injury liability is the past driver passenger accident insurance.

Commercial additional insurance

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Vehicle Mark risk

It belongs to one of the additional risks, mainly as a supplement to the car damage insurance, can provide effective protection for the body scratches caused by accidents. The scribe is aimed at the scratch on the paint surface of the car body. If the collision mark is obvious, there is a cut and a large pit.

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Single breakage of glass

Glass alone broken risk, that is, the insurance company is responsible for compensating the insured car insurance in the process of use, the vehicle itself occurred in the glass alone broken loss of a commercial insurance. The owner must pay attention to the word “separate”, which means that the insured vehicle has only the windshield and window glass (excluding the lights and the Mirror Glass) the insurance company can only pay compensation in case of damage.

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Spontaneous combustion damage

Auto-ignition insurance is “vehicle spontaneous combustion loss insurance”, which is an additional risk of vehicle damage insurance. Only after the vehicle damage insurance is insured, the auto-ignition insurance can be insured. During the insurance period, during the use of the insurance vehicle, due to the occurrence of the vehicle’s circuit, line, oil circuit, oil supply system, cargo itself, the motor vehicle running friction and fire, the insurance company will compensate for the loss of the insured vehicle and the reasonable rescue expenses that must be paid to reduce the loss of the insured vehicle when the insured accident occurs.

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Exclusive liability

The main insurance can only be insured on the basis of the vehicle loss insurance and the third party liability insurance. The insurer shall be responsible for the compensation of the motor vehicle accident covered by this special insurance. The insurer shall be responsible for the deductible amount calculated within the specified amount of compensation in accordance with the provisions of the basic insurance clauses.

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