Auto insurance sales tips

Car insurance sales staff to treat people in good faith, not to enlarge the sales of words to lie to customers

Ordinary consumers to hear the car insurance sales speech, there will be some exaggerated elements, and this is the view of the vast majority of people, in fact, the real car insurance sales include not only the art of speaking, it is also a manifestation of providing quality service to customers. No matter what kind of sales speech, first of all or to treat people in good faith, can not be exaggerated sales speech to deception customers.

Car insurance salesman to understand the knowledge of car insurance, not only can improve their speaking and sales skills, but also to provide consumers with a concise and clear answer and quality service. At present, the quality of insurance practitioners is uneven. Therefore, consumers should treat it correctly, and they should not deny it all, but should identify it and ask for real and useful information. Because it also contains a lot of useful knowledge of car insurance.

Good car insurance sales is never based on speaking skills, but based on a wealth of insurance knowledge and quality insurance products, and then through the organizational language to make consumers more easily acceptable. For the car owners who want to be insured, especially the new car owners who are lack of awareness of the car insurance, we may wish to learn from the following cases to obtain the real useful information of the car insurance.

When the customer wants to make a price reduction request for the car insurance, the salesman can say this:

The general customer in the choice of the same product, he will pay attention to three things:

1, the quality of the product;
2, high quality after-sales service;
3, the lowest price.

But in reality, have you ever seen a company that can provide the best quality, the best quality after-sales service and the lowest price to the customer at the same time? That is to say, it is unlikely that these three conditions have the situation at the same time, so as a car insurance sales staff, should spend some time learning about car insurance, according to the needs of customers to answer.

A good car insurance salesman, will give the customer correctly explain the meaning of each type of insurance, and for him to explain the benefits of these types of insurance, as well as in terms of insurance to give professional advice. In this case, the car insurance sales speech to the consumer is very correct information, and to remind consumers of the factors to be considered in the insurance. The consumer can use the way of thinking he teaches to re-evaluate car insurance, or use this way of thinking to consider other car insurance products. If the product introduced by the salesman is just in line with the needs of the owner and the service is in place, the owner may wish to consider the insurance of this product, saving time on the same problem.

Give customers more rights to choose auto insurance varieties

Of course, the car insurance salesman to provide this car insurance products, customers can also through their own way to verify. For example, the salesman said that the car insurance service is the best in the industry, and the commitment to provide quality claims services. At any time, the owner can log in to the online car insurance or call the customer service telephone of the car insurance to ask for details, and then choose to be insured. Learn to correctly look at the car insurance sales speech, the owner of the insurance is more secure, no longer have to worry about the sales speech changed deception. If the owner does not want to contact the insurance salesman, you can find the right type of insurance on the Internet.

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