Share the Experience of auto renewal insurance to make renewal more cost-effective

Regardless of whether your car insurance is about to expire, you will find that the annual payment of all kinds of car insurance premium is not a small cost. Need to remind everyone is now at the end of the year, and the renewal of the time, many car owners are worried about the cost of auto insurance is not a small expense. In fact, there is a way to save a lot of money in the car insurance renewal, want to understand the friends to see the following experience to share it.

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1. The car is near to scrap

Recommendation: compulsory insurance + third party liability insurance. It is not cost-effective to cover too many types of insurance because of the close to the abandoned vehicles, but this does not mean that it is not necessary to cover the insurance, such as the traffic insurance and the third party liability insurance.

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2, the value of the vehicle is not high, the owner does not have much money

Recommendations: compulsory insurance + vehicle damage insurance + third party liability insurance + non-compensatory insurance, etc. Such owners usually pay attention to the maintenance and safety protection of the vehicle, you can choose this kind of renewal of relatively basic insurance. The cost of this combination is moderate, and the loss of the vehicle and the other vehicle can be guaranteed.

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3. Small traffic accidents often occur

Recommendation: increase or decrease the additional risk based on the basic type of insurance

According to the specific condition of the car, as well as the security situation of the parking lot or community, you can increase or decrease the additional insurance on the basis of the basic insurance. For example, glass insurance, is to often do not have an independent garage, parking on the road, the glass is easy to buy. If you are in a heavy rain area in the South, buy water-related insurance. The age of more than 5 years, it is best to buy spontaneous combustion insurance, the new car is not necessary.

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In addition to the above contents, in order to obtain more cost-effective when renewing the insurance, we should try our best to compare the insurance items and premiums of various companies, different insurance channels are different in convenience and premium, and choose the appropriate renewal channel. In a word, we have more selectivity in the renewal of the car, and we must do our lessons in advance.

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