What problems should be paid attention to in auto self-ignition insurance claims?

The phenomenon of auto-ignition generally occurs in the hot summer. If the car in the driving spontaneous combustion how claims? In the event of a disaster, do not hide in the car, the car is a dangerous place, can not protect the safety of life. Once the car spontaneous combustion on the road, the car mainly leaves the car, and then alarm; If the car spontaneous combustion is more serious, it may be an explosion, the car will mainly be around the pedestrian evacuation.

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Not long ago, the owner of the car, Mr. Ma sent his son to school at noon. When he was driving to Renmin Road in the city center, the car suddenly burned spontaneously. Later, Mr. Ma called the insurance company’s telephone to report the case. After the insurance company arrived at the scene, it was found that Mr. Ma’s car was purchased with spontaneous combustion insurance, and the loss insurance company could not settle the claim. Mr. Ma quickly called the car maker. However, the other party said that the cause of the car fire was unknown and could not be compensated. Mr. Ma was not a car professional, and there was no evidence to justify the manufacturer’s statement, there is no pain to say “.

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What to do about the spontaneous combustion of the car in the driving, to buy a car spontaneous combustion insurance is undoubtedly the best way. The price of auto-burn insurance is relatively low, and the old owner of the car with a longer age is better to cover the previous auto-burn insurance.

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According to the statistics of relevant departments, Xi’an city, less than 5% of the vehicles into the car “spontaneous combustion insurance”, private car insurance is minimal. If the insured car for the public, the purchase of the full car insurance can be obtained “spontaneous combustion insurance”. Relevant experts said that the age of more than 3 years should be considered to cover the “spontaneous combustion insurance”. Vehicles older than 5 years are particularly prone to spontaneous combustion in the summer. The possibility of spontaneous combustion of newly put into use vehicles is low, but if insured, the compensation for accidents is also considerable.

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The above is to introduce you to the case of auto fire insurance claims. It is reported that, according to the calculation formula of spontaneous combustion insurance, the general domestic vehicle spontaneous combustion insurance premium is less than 300 yuan, and the price of vehicles for operation will be higher. Auto spontaneous combustion after direct injury and the car’s engine, at least 50,000 to 60,000 yuan to repair. The average auto-ignition loss per car is as high as 30,000 yuan, far more than other car damage. If there is no insurance against spontaneous combustion, the owner of the car has to pay for all the losses.

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