Which kinds of car insurance is best

Car insurance is mainly divided into two categories, for the traffic insurance and commercial auto insurance. Compulsory insurance is a national mandatory requirement to buy, as for commercial insurance is based on their own needs to choose to buy.

So how should we buy according to the demand, what are the types of insurance is more important, want to understand, you can see here:

Auto insurance is mainly composed of two parts, namely, the strong insurance and commercial auto insurance. The strong insurance is compulsory to buy by the state, and the commercial auto insurance is that users can freely match according to their own needs.

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Which car insurance must be purchased? How to buy?

1. Compulsory insurance:

The full name of the traffic insurance is the compulsory insurance for motor vehicle traffic accidents, which must be purchased according to national laws and regulations. The charging standard is uniform across the country. According to the insurance situation of our last year, the premium will float or float. We can simply compare the compulsory insurance with five risks and one gold, which is compulsory purchase. Although the accident is guaranteed, the amount of compensation is not high.

In addition, the nature of the traffic insurance is the third party liability insurance, only pay the third party in the accident (not to compensate themselves), the specific contents are as follows:

Death and disability compensation limit: 110,000 yuan

Medical expenses compensation limit: 10,000 yuan

Limit of compensation for loss of property: 2 thousand yuan

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2, the main risk of commercial car insurance:

The main insurance contains a total of 4 parts, as follows:

1.Vehicle damage insurance:

The main protection of our car due to traffic accidents, accidents, falling objects in the air and other causes of vehicle loss, is generally the highest in the car insurance premium, must buy the type of insurance.

② third party liability insurance:

Mainly due to the use of vehicles in the process of accidents, resulting in third-party personal injury or property loss, the insurance company is responsible for compensation, the same is a must-buy insurance, the recommended amount of 50-1 million.

(3) on-board personnel liability insurance:

The cost is not very high, you can buy or not, if the accident insurance configuration is relatively complete, you can not buy.

(4) the whole vehicle theft and rescue:

It is mainly to prevent the economic loss caused by the vehicle being stolen or stolen, and the Community Security is not very good.

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3. Additional risks for commercial auto insurance:

In addition to the main risk, we can also choose additional risks for the vehicle, a total of 11, as follows:

1. Individual risk of glass breakage

2. Spontaneous combustion and damage insurance

3.New equipment damage insurance

4. Body scratch damage insurance

5. Engine wading damage insurance

6. Cost compensation insurance during repair

7. On-board cargo liability insurance

8. Liability insurance for emotional distress

9, excluding the deductible rate

10, motor vehicle loss insurance can not find the third party insurance contract

11. Designated repair factory insurance.

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