How to buy car insurance online? After reading this, you will know

Regardless of the channel through which the purchase of auto insurance, the protection of the claims is the same, the difference is only in the preferential policies and claims services are different.

Online and offline channels are different, are approved by the Insurance Regulatory Commission, are legally protected by law, and claims are not affected. Want to know more online to buy car insurance operation method can see this article: online to buy car insurance reliable? Online car insurance operation guide

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Auto insurance purchase is mainly divided into direct sales channels, physical store channels and agent channels, let’s see what is the difference between them:

1. Direct channel

Online to buy car insurance is a direct channel, direct channel is actually refers to the insurance company directly to the owner of the sales channel, without any physical store, insurance intermediary. Generally include telephone sales, online sales (also known as official website sales) and offline sales.

Direct channel is the biggest characteristic of the insurance is convenient, cheap and autonomy.

Owners only need to make a phone call or log in to the insurance company’s official website or other authorized platform, you can be insured.

I have sorted out the website of the hotline and official website of each company. The title of the need is the main stamp: 2020 top ten auto insurance company telephone and official website

online car insurance

Offline Sales refers to the owner’s own to the insurance company’s offline outlets to buy car insurance, because offline sales are now rarely seen, so not discussed here.


① price offer:

Net sales in the price will be more than the physical store channel offer some (generally will offer about 15%)

(2) scheme recommendation:

You can choose the combination of insurance types you need independently, and even many insurance companies will recommend the most suitable scheme for you according to your needs.

2. Physical store channels

Physical store channel, the so-called car merchant channel, generally includes 4s shop, repair factory.

We generally buy a new car, the basic will be in the 4s shop to buy car insurance. Because this channel is the most convenient. When the car was picked up directly, the car insurance was also done, and the car was ready to go. Also provide repair claims one-stop service, the owner does not have to worry about!

But in the enjoyment of services at the same time, the price is more expensive and easy to be promoted to buy unnecessary insurance

The advantages of the repair factory and the 4s shop is similar, claims, repair convenient, can also enjoy a certain condition of direct compensation service.

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3. Agent channel

An agent refers to an individual or company holding an insurance intermediary licence. This channel has considerable advantages over other channels.

On the one hand, they can do the same or even higher price-performance ratio with the electric sales and net sales, and even on this basis, they will return to the buyer;

On the other hand, at the time of insurance claims, they can also provide the same services as insurance companies to help us with claims.

On the whole, the direct channel is more suitable for the familiar with the claims process, or the pursuit of price performance, not afraid of spending more time in the car owners.

The purchase channel of car insurance is not the most important, I believe that the most concerned about the car owners or how much to spend a year of car insurance.

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