Whichever comes first, tomorrow or accident? It is still necessary to buy business insurance

One patient fell ill and the whole family was affected.

By middle age, people are increasingly aware of the importance of health, staying up less, exercising more, and eating a healthy diet.

Yes, there is no chance, most of the time, just did not.

In this world, people who do not take good care of their bodies will really be punished. Once this punishment comes, many people cannot cope with it.

In middle age, life is often no longer belong to their own, live well, become a responsibility.

Most of the time, a serious illness, it is enough to destroy the whole family, one sick, often means that the whole family has a heavy burden.


Some people have done such statistics:

The chance of suffering from major diseases in life is as high as 72.18%, and the probability of cancer is 36%. At present, the average treatment cost of major diseases is generally at least more than 300,000 yuan.

Last year, a bill for hospitalization fees at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University attracted a lot of people’s attention.

The inpatient department was Cardiovascular Surgery, and the hospitalization time was 61 days, and the total cost was 1.04 million.

Later, a reporter to the hospital to understand the situation, the 67-year-old patient Mr. Liu, was diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction, the right coronary artery is severely blocked, is still receiving further treatment, medical expenses have been as high as 1.7 million.

61 days, the cost of 1.04 million, which is a terrible number, think about how many families can afford such health care costs, not to mention the later increased to 1.7 million. Fortunately, I bought a critical illness insurance, which can cover a large part of the cost and ease a lot of economic pressure.

I don’t think I’m worth the money.

A trick, but if you are really sick one day, even if you don’t want to see it, your family will do their best to treat you, even if you sell iron.

This is love.

But what is worrying is that not all the money spent can be bought back.

The public number “National Museum” has pushed an article and told such a story.

The friend said, “My mother left, but it was not cured in the end.”

Two months ago, a friend’s mother was admitted to the ICU because of a cerebral hemorrhage.

medical expenses

In the ICU, using a ventilator, nutrition, care workers, etc., thousands of tens of thousands of dollars, once spent, even a sound did not hear.

The doctor said, as for how long to live, it depends on how much you have prepared.

To this end, a friend of the two home units are sold, ready to bring all the house to his mother for treatment.

But after living for 72 days, selling 2 units, and spending more than 130, the lady still left.

Friends said, until the face of life and death, to know how expensive health, no house can be bought, but no health, but can not change the house. I bought a critical illness cover for my mother. Although my mother passed away, what I feel most deeply is that health is invaluable.

Illness is really not a matter of one person, but the whole family, you are suffering from illness, family members are also suffering, worry, Anxiety, or even despair.

Especially for an old, there are small middle-aged people, once sick, it often means that the family collapsed, the most pro-life of a group of people to bear too much pressure.

So, please live well and stop spoiling your body.

fall ill

I am a believe in the efforts, but also advocates the efforts of the people, I know a good life, is to strive to work out.

I also believe that there is no chance in this world, I believe that cause and effect, if you do not treat your body well today, one day, you will double the repayment.

Moreover, I also admit that efforts and to maintain health will often have a lot of conflict and last resort, such as when the mother of a few do not stay up late, programmers have a few soon sitting…

But I believe more:

A lot of unhealthy lifestyles, can be improved, a lot of Unfortunately, in fact, can be avoided.

A lot of adversity can be avoided

Why do many people know that staying up late is not good, they know that eating the sea is not healthy, and they are still happy to die?

I think, there are no more than two reasons, one is by young, two is by chance.

But what in this world is a chance, just did not arrive, and relying on their own young people, and how long can get?

Really do not waste the body, whether you are 90 or 00 after all, be careful, health is often a person’s biggest asset.

And a person’s health, and his lifestyle has a great relationship, so I hope you can do this 6 points.

Stay up late, go to bed early and get up early

What is the harm of staying up late?

Although I am not a professional medical person, but from the personal experience, staying up late is really not a good habit, not beneficial to health, not beneficial to life. Fear of his body once the problem, so I bought a commercial insurance for themselves, even if one day no longer come, my family can have this commercial insurance to support life.

Staying up late often can not get up early, if forced to get up early, then there will be a lack of sleep, resulting in a day of lethargy, in the long run, the body is also very prone to problems.

Therefore, it is better to stay up late, try to go to bed early and get up early, work and rest regularly.

When working during the day, pay attention to efficiency, do not drag to do very late, and in fact, there are many people staying up late, not because of work, but playing mobile phones.

This kind of staying up late, in fact, can be avoided.

Stay up late

Do more exercise, do not sit for a long time

Because of the reasons for work, I have a long time every day is sitting, so it is obvious that the cervical spine is not good, often go to massage.

Life lies in the movement, a long-term exercise and non-exercise, whether from the temperament or health, there is a big gap.

I now sometimes remind yourself that after eating, don’t lie there, don’t cross your legs at work.

Sit for an hour or two, to stand up activities, the night will go out to run two circles, and sometimes play with friends.

The body is comfortable, the efficiency of the work is often improved, this is a virtuous circle.

Do more exercise

Reduce smoking and drinking

Smoking is harmful to health, but the harm of smoking is recessive, and the harm of drinking is often obvious.

Some people are under pressure to smoke, some people are drinking to meet, no matter for what reason, it is best not to smoke, if there is no way to avoid, then less smoke, drink less bars.

If you are ill, you will get it back one day.

Reduce smoking and drinking

Eat well, eat less heavy taste

As the saying goes, when a disease comes from the mouth, a disaster comes from the mouth.

Healthy or not, and what we eat, how to eat, there is a lot of relationship, scientific reports show: More than half of the cancer, are to eat out.

Nowadays, the pace of life is very fast, especially in the first-and second-tier cities. They eat a meal in a short time, sometimes even do not eat. At noon and evening, they are basically take-out food, and they often go to a cluster at night, some crayfish with beer.

Moreover, heavy-tasting items are becoming more and more popular,

Most of the time, we will take the food to their own decompression, comfort themselves, no meat, but ignore the healthy diet.

So, now twenty or thirty years old suffering from stomach disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat people are everywhere, some even worse and more serious.

All the causes of the world, have been in the dark marked good outcome.

Eat well, some things are not good, but also to force themselves to eat, because of health.

Some things are very delicious, but also to eat, because the consequences of binge, often very bad.

Eat well

Regular physical examination.

Develop the habit of regular physical examination, the earlier some diseases are found, the better, so as to avoid a lot of tragedy and tragedy.

I have a friend, his father’s unit is good, every year will arrange for a physical examination, when he was in primary school, his father was diagnosed with gastric cancer, but the good news is early, no lesions, he recovered quickly after treatment.

Today, he is 30 years old, his father’s health is still very good.

The body is uncomfortable, do not carry hard, although the doctor is very expensive, but small problems drag down, often spend more money, and the consequences are difficult to imagine.

Regular physical examination

Buy business insurance for yourself and your family

Although many people do not trust the insurance company, I still recommend that you buy a personal health insurance individual health insurance, after all, the doctor is very expensive, and no one can guarantee that there will be no accidents.

It is a good choice to buy commercial insurance for yourself and your family and take preventive measures.

simply business insurance

Life is not as resistant to the imagination, but not so fragile, as long as you can do the above points, do not wantonly abuse the body, or have a healthy.

In middle age, life is no longer only to your own person, but also to your family, health is a responsibility, and this responsibility, you must bear it.

Besides, life is only once, a rare trip, or live well, the world is worth.

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