Do you often buy car insurance online?

With the continuous increase of automobile sales, it has become a top priority to improve the service level of the automobile insurance industry. The newly emerging online auto insurance is a big “speed-up” in the auto insurance industry, which is a new breakthrough in service experience such as out-of-door insurance, low-cost, and no demand for people, is leading the development of the auto insurance industry. So how to buy car insurance online?

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1 Nuclear identity: the owner to buy car insurance, it is best to the fixed insurance sales outlets to buy, to prevent access to illegal websites or fishing sites to buy, that will only allow their loss of property. Be sure to look at the website before buying, go to the insurance company’s official website to buy.

2 trial terms: after determining to buy insurance, we must pay attention to the terms of each car insurance contract. According to the author, many car owners do not seriously look at the terms when buying car insurance online, if you miss the terms that do not conform to your willingness to buy, this will be more than the loss.

3 written insurance: online to buy car insurance and interviews are different, in the purchase of good insurance, we must pay attention to the approval of the policy.

4 into the bank: the current online car insurance is the use of bank transfer to pay the premium. All of them are directly deposited into the designated account of the insurance company, so that the agent can be avoided.

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1 car mainly has brand awareness. Car owners in the choice of varieties of car insurance, be sure to choose a regular website to choose, such as can be in the insurance company’s official website, Taobao, Czech and other formal websites. In order to avoid falling into a trap and being fraudulent.
2 carefully read the terms of insurance. In general, the insurance company will be a variety of insurance coverage, insurance and premium and other related information clearly, if the owner does not understand the place, you can carry out customer service Counseling. In this way, the owner will choose some train insurance suitable for him, so that his rights and interests are protected.

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How to pay car insurance online, simple?

How to pay online car insurance? In fact, it is very simple as long as the choice of insurance companies, you can search the internet and then log in the insurance company’s official website.

Fill in the information according to the prompt: The City of the vehicle, the price of the vehicle, the age of the vehicle, the driving age, and then click to get a quick quote. Then you will be the best insurance mix. If you feel that these are not suitable, you can enter the relevant information according to the prompt, and then click to get the accurate quotation.

When you can choose the type of insurance you need, you can submit it after you choose it, and then pay online (support savings cards and credit cards), then you can wait for the insurance company to send you an insurance policy, is it very convenient.

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Online to buy a car insurance platform there are many, such as the insurance company’s official website or third-party insurance platform, in fact, the purchase process is roughly the same, as follows:

1, choose to buy a car insurance platform, such as the official website of an insurance company;

2, enter the official website and log in personal account information;

3, in the official website home page to find the car insurance column, click to enter;

4, according to the page prompts and needs to fill in the car insurance information, including driving city, license plate number;

5, click on the “immediate insurance” or “immediate quotation”;

6, and then according to the page prompts to believe that fill in the accurate quotation information, and the type of insurance;

7, confirm the insurance, and complete the premium payment.

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