The biggest regret in the world is to buy life insurance for parents

Some time ago, Mother’s Day, did not mean to disturb everyone.

Because in my opinion, no insurance is as important as company.

Now after the festival, I can finally talk.

These days, I found that asked “How to buy insurance for parents” friends, in particular, in addition to the type of health protection needs, many of them raised a very interesting question:

Should you reserve an extra pension for your parents?

And I found that, will ask this question, are basically single young people.

selling life insurance policy

With a small family, there are old and small, generally do not think so.

Because they already have to consider the elderly for themselves.

Why do you want to buy a pension for your parents?

I overall chat down, we mainly want to save a lot of money to parents to spend, in order to do filial.

At that time, I was so moved that I almost wanted to find someone to have children. Unfortunately, the man was not born.

However, if you want to buy a retirement pension for your parents, I am not very recommended.

Because the rate of return of the annual Gold insurance is mainly based on compound interest, and compound interest needs time to reflect.

Parents are older, the age of retirement is relatively close, in the “input-receive” interval is relatively short, in fact, the rate of return of pension pension insurance is not very eye-catching.

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This is why it is said that the earlier you buy the pension, the more cost-effective.

Give you steady happiness.

Then, talk about the security-type products for parents.

To buy insurance for parents, and to buy their own logic is completely different.

The main will face two difficulties, one is the parents are older, the body usually has some small problems, the insurance can be selected range is very few;

1 is the elderly people to buy long-term insurance, the premium is not very friendly, prone to premium inversion.

At the same time, this is also a psychological torture.

You said not to give parents to buy a life-long serious risk, and feel less at ease.

But when you look at the premium, you feel that you really advise you to quit.

Then the time to advise, and thought of the parents to their own good, but also think of the parents are at a high risk stage, worry about their own in the face of a small probability of the event, can not afford this bottom…

selling life insurance policy

That night, you were sure you should sell yourself to a rich woman.

But, but, do not do something self-touching wrong.

Young people must take good care of themselves, but also to spend money on the blade, do not Impulse to the parents to buy the wrong insurance.

Once the wrong, the cost of correction is particularly high, it may be less than a set of noble women’s cosmetics.

What should we do?

First clear to parents to buy insurance configuration ideas and principles.

If you are afraid of trouble, you can directly buy, the result is the same.

Young parents under 45

Parents of this age can be configured according to the plan of a normal adult.

guaranteed life insurance for seniors

Should buy a serious illness, fixed life, medical and accident, one can not be less.

Parents aged 46-50

In this age group, it is already the last bus time to cover life-long serious disease insurance.

I feel that the premium is expensive, and there is still a million medical insurance.

Millions of medical insurance, I chose two products, each has its own merits, beyond the comprehensive conditions of the best, to ensure that the 6-year renewal, after the expiration of the renewal of the insurance review, good medical insurance and beyond the same, however, the health requirements are higher.

Accidental medical treatment is not limited to social security, including sudden death responsibility, cost-effective.

life insurance for smokers

Parents aged 51-60

To keep up with a scheme comparison, there are two differences:

1. The option of heavy disease insurance has been deleted. The leverage of heavy disease insurance in this age group is relatively low and may not be considered;

2. The 6-year good health insurance, replaced by a 20-year good health insurance, long-term medical care, this age up can not buy a million medical insurance, lock in a 20-year medical insurance is very important.

And 45-50 years old interval, you can also wait and see, there is no better products in the future.

Of course, it is also possible to direct the 20-year version.

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Parents 60 years and older

Most of the millions of medical insurance on the market, the maximum age of insurance is up to 60 years old.

Over the age of 60, the choice of a million medical insurance is poor.

In terms of security, there is no big difference.

If you are under the age of 65, you can choose accident insurance. The maximum coverage is 300,000.

If you are not more than 70 years old, medical insurance can choose a good health insurance for life.

If you are over 70 years old, you can choose to enjoy your life, and the maximum age of insurance is 80 years old, which is very tolerant.

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