How to buy outbound travel insurance?

With the increase of national economic income, more and more people choose to travel abroad during the holiday. Although you can see the fresh landscape, different humanities, but accompanied by different languages, different living habits and other issues, the risk of accidents is greater. In the event of an accident, do not know how to self-help, so you need to buy a copy of the outbound travel insurance, to protect the safety of people traveling. So how to buy outbound travel insurance? After reading, you will know, the following 5 points to teach you to buy:

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1. Accidental injury

Accidental injuries, including accidental disability and accidental death, are the most important part of the insurance required for outbound travel. No one knows which accident or tomorrow will come first, but there are many uncertain factors in outbound travel, and the probability of an accident is also greater, so in order to avoid the risk of accidental injury during the trip, to purchase out-of-country travel insurance including accidental injury.

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2. Accident Medical Insurance

In many countries, medical costs are more expensive for people without local health care, and the need for hospital admission for accidental injury or acute illness is more common during outbound travel, at this time, the accidental travel medical insurance can ease the urgent need.

According to different types of treatment, tourism medical insurance includes: general medical insurance (including outpatient and inpatient medical expenses), surgical medical treatment, accidental injury medical treatment and special disease medical treatment.

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3. Emergency rescue

When an accident occurs in outbound tourism, time is life, and emergency rescue can provide timely and effective relief services for travelers at this critical moment. Common relief services include the transport and return of emergency medical care, the return of deceased remains, and sympathy visits. Therefore, in outbound tourism, emergency rescue is the choice of outbound tourism need to focus on the protection.

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4. Personal financial security

Many people think that the quality of foreign civilization is high, there will be no theft events, but the facts show that such as southern France, Italy, Israel, Rome railway station, some famous cities and scenic spots in many countries, robbery, theft often occurs. Therefore, when traveling abroad, should understand the local security situation in advance, pay attention to personal safety, but also need to buy personal property protection of outbound travel insurance transfer property loss risk.

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5. Flight delay protection

Aircraft delays are very common, when traveling abroad, aircraft delays will not only disrupt the traveler after the trip, but also to travel additional expenses, such as accommodation, food and so on. Therefore, when traveling abroad, you should purchase insurance that includes the protection of travel delay.

In summary, how to buy outbound travel insurance? In the case of sufficient economic conditions, in addition to the above 5 points, you can also attach the delay or loss of luggage, travel cancellation and interruption, and the third responsibility of the traveler, to provide comprehensive protection for the traveler’s outbound travel.

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