Is it necessary to buy renter insurance?

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In the United States, renters insurance is purchased by the tenant. Generally speaking, the tenant to buy this insurance, the main purpose is to get compensation when his personal property accident, but also accompanied by accident liability insurance. Usually, the tenant who is willing to buy the renters insurance is a good tenant.

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The owner should guide the tenant to purchase the renters insurance.

The premium of tenant insurance is not too high. For 15,000 pieces of basic insurance for private property and one hundred thousand pieces of accident liability insurance, the annual premium is only about one hundred and fifty pieces. If the accident liability insurance is increased to three hundred thousand, the annual premium is only about one hundred and seventy. In order to encourage the tenant to purchase renters insurance, the house owner can use the technique of rent, for example, if the house was originally to rent one thousand eight thousand houses, if the tenant does not buy the renters insurance, the rent will be raised to one thousand eight hundred and fifty, the tenant to buy the renters insurance, both to save money, and to protect their personal property, will naturally readily accept the purchase of renters insurance.

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The tenant’s purchase of the tenant’s risk can reduce the future increase of the owner’s house insurance premium

If the tenant purchases 15,000 pieces of liability insurance for personal property and pieces of housing liability insurance, in case of fire, the first compensation shall be paid by the portion of the liability insurance purchased by the tenant, the insufficient amount is paid by the insurance purchased by the owner, which can avoid or reduce the increase of the owner’s house insurance in the future.

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