Buy yourself insurance and be sure to avoid these 5 myths

The burden on young people is growing, and the news that young people are suffering from major diseases is increasing.

It takes a lot of money to cure the disease, in the case of returning to poverty due to illness, and the whole family may collapse.

Myth No. 1:Faced with such a risk, the best way to resist is to buy insurance.

The professional nature of insurance is very strong, and it is easy for ordinary people to have a wrong understanding of it. Summary of the most common five errors, to help you better understand the insurance.

The company paid me Social Security.

The existing social security system has been gradually improved, and the state’s social security allows everyone to feel the dignity of life.

But Social Security is not a safe, can only provide the most basic protection.

Self-funded drugs, imported drugs are not covered, in case this medicine can cure the disease is expensive and not covered, this medicinal or not

In addition to the expenses reflected on the bill, there is the cost of taking care of the patient, the salary of the leave and so on, which is the cost of seeing a doctor, and the average family can not afford it.

No one guarantees that they are not sick, that they are not seriously ill, or that they need to buy commercial insurance against unknown risks.

Myth No. 2:I am making money without insurance. I want to buy insurance for the elderly and children.

Hearing about buying insurance, many people’s first reaction is to buy it for their parents or their children. To buy for parents is the expression of filial piety, to buy for children is the love of children.

But we ignore a point, their own health and safety, is the greatest protection of a family.

As the economic pillar of the family, you can ensure the normal operation of the whole family as long as you work hard to make money. Even if the elderly or children in the family are sick, you have the energy and financial strength to ensure their lives and treatment.

But if you are ill, who is responsible for the burden of the family? Is the old parents of white hair, or the baby needs to be eaten?

So the right choice should be: first to buy their own insurance.

Myth No. 3:This insurance can dividend financial management, do not buy lost!

Insurance is a complex financial instrument. For ordinary people, the risk protection function of insurance is more important.

If you see an insurance at this time, not only to protect your safety, to give you a dividend, but also to help you finance! Is it heart attack?

It’s like we often say that some kind of health care products, not only can improve the immunity and detoxifies, also can assist lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure and sugar warehouse where you can actually buy?

Smart you will certainly feel unreliable.

When you are really sick, this insurance can’t accompany much money; When you get the dividend, the income of this insurance has not been high in the bank.

Myth No. 4:I don’t live until 100 years old, I don’t need lifelong insurance

Go to Counseling friends, some people say that I will protect to 70 years old, some people say that I protect life. So, how old is the insurance to be protected?

This explanation, the choice of insurance period is no longer a difficult task, take the serious disease insurance as an example:

If you have a good income, adequate budget, hope to get more lasting protection, life-long type of severe disease insurance is more suitable for you;

If you have a limited budget, shorten the guarantee period and keep enough insurance when you are trying to work hard.

Myth No. 5:Buying insurance is like ordering, a listen to the explosion, new products want to buy

Our product is explosive, selling very well, even your colleagues have bought, you still not time to buy?

This product is new, limited supply, but also send a lot of rights and interests, do not buy lost!

Some people go to the market to buy a dish to bargaining, but at this time it is easy to be incited by people, unexplained to spend a lot of money.

In this case, we must remember to calm down, do not follow the trend, especially to buy insurance, as a long-term investment, is not a small money.

For the same type of insurance, different companies product design, liability, insurance rates are the same.

It is recommended to take more time to study Insurance and choose a more suitable insurance product.

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