What are the types of car insurance? What are the tips for buying car insurance?

Now with the improvement of living standards, the development of science and technology, the fate of the motor industry development momentum is fierce. More and more friends have the opportunity to buy a car as a means of transport for their own travel, but with the popularity of the car, the competition in the auto insurance industry is becoming more and more fierce. Buy car insurance have what skills? car insurance techniques are mainly divided into the following points, we come together one by one to understand.

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1, understand the types of car insurance.

The types of automobile insurance are mainly divided into traffic insurance and commercial insurance, and commercial insurance is also divided into basic insurance and additional insurance, among which basic insurance includes vehicle loss insurance, third liability insurance, vehicle theft and rescue, vehicle personnel liability insurance, etc, the additional risks are divided into glass separate breakage risk, Mark-off risk, spontaneous combustion and loss risk, water-related driving risk, non-deductible insurance and so on.

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2, to understand the scope of protection of auto insurance.

Different types of insurance, the scope of its protection is not the same. It is very necessary to understand the scope of protection of auto insurance. Only by understanding the scope of protection of auto insurance can you choose the type of insurance you need to buy, it is a type of insurance that every car owner must purchase. Commercial insurance is self-selective, commercial insurance in the basic insurance or more need to buy, and commercial insurance in the additional insurance will be selectively purchased, for example: Mark insurance, scribe insurance is mainly for the driving technology is not very good for the owner and the owner of the new car just bought the insurance set. The risk of spontaneous combustion and glass-alone breakage is mainly designed for vehicles that have been purchased for a longer period of time.

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3, select the appropriate insurance channels.

The purchase of auto insurance mainly includes online auto insurance, telephone auto insurance and traditional auto insurance, among which the most popular are online auto insurance and telephone auto insurance. Online car insurance and telephone car insurance are convenient and fast, through these two kinds of purchase channel to buy car insurance is more affordable, through these two kinds of purchase channel to buy car insurance premium is 15% cheaper than the traditional purchase channel. But these two kinds of purchased also exist between the different online auto insurance is mainly on the network to make a purchase through the internet banking for direct payment policy is underwritten by insurance company mailed to the owner. And the phone insurance through an insurance company door-to-door sign and charge a premium, so both between some difference.

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