Buying health insurance can’t just look at the price

In recent years, the most popular insurance is a million medical insurance, hundreds of blocks can leverage the amount of millions of insurance. However, many consumers are attracted by low prices, and often ignore the fact that millions of medical insurance is short-term health insurance, thus laying a hidden danger for themselves. Recent market adjustments are also alerting consumers to buy health insurance, not just to look at the price, but to combine their own reality, on-demand purchase.

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Suitable for their own, is the best

Health insurance according to the term, can be divided into short-term health insurance and long-term health insurance, the two have their own advantages, win-win complementary.

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For health insurance in the medical insurance, compared to short-term products, long-term medical insurance has many characteristics: long protection period, the market currently has up to 20 years to guarantee the renewal period of million medical insurance; ensure that during the renewal period, there is no fear that the insurance will be rejected when the insurance is renewed, so as to reduce the risk that the insurance can not be renewed due to the change of health status; the trouble of re-signing the contract every year will be relieved. The short-term health insurance period is generally one year, the premium is low, and it has a certain flexibility to meet the needs of some customers, but there is also the risk that the insurance period can not be re-insured for various reasons. Therefore, if consumers expect to get long-term stable medical expenses, it is more recommended to buy long-term medical insurance.

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In fact, long-term risk or short-term risk, its own different characteristics, is aimed at different groups of customers. Consumers need to be based on their own circumstances and needs, on-demand purchase, not only to focus on the price, but also to consider the time limit. Long-term insurance is more suitable for people who demand long-term stability protection, and short-term insurance is suitable for people who have long-term protection, in order to supplement the high insurance demand of a certain period of time.

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Looking at some developed foreign insurance market, the insurance period is long, the protection responsibility is wide, the insurance amount is high, the premium is also low products, almost does not exist. Any liability of insurance products can not violate the basic principles of risk control and actuarial pricing, otherwise it is impossible to effectively take risks and provide continuous protection. To promote the development of long-term health insurance, not to curb short-term insurance, but to tie the compliance cage, the length of each way, so that they can better play their own advantages, effectively solve the consumer pain points.

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Pay attention to the insurance price, but also pay attention to the service behind the product

For the same type of insurance, due to different insurance companies and different rates, the sense of acquisition of consumers may be different. This is to buy health insurance can not only look at the price of another layer of meaning: can not only look at the price, the need for a comprehensive understanding of the products and services.

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To enhance the sense of access to health insurance, on the one hand, is to strengthen product-side innovation and wind control capacity building. On the other hand, it is to combine health insurance with chronic disease management, health Counseling, drug purchase, hospitalization, rehabilitation and other services to provide more health management services for users.

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Health insurance products with health management services, relative to the market similar products, the rate is generally relatively higher. However, with the improvement of living standards and medical standards, chronic diseases have gradually replaced infectious diseases and become the main disease burden of Chinese residents. In this context, the health management of “no disease” is becoming more and more important, which is manifested in: Passive Treatment and Active Management; More emphasis on daily prevention and post-hospital rehabilitation care; When sick, more attention can quickly access to good medical and pharmaceutical services. In fact, this has brought more benefits and protection for consumers, and truly realize the purchase of health insurance, not only to solve the cost risk, but also to reduce the risk of disease, to ensure the quality of medical resources. Comprehensive comparison, this kind of product is more affordable.

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At the same time, international experience has proved that insurance companies in the payment and medical and health services, more innovative and efficient advantages. Taking the United States as an example, the United States has formed a commercial health insurance market with managed care as the core after nearly 90 years. Managed care is through the combination of medical services and payment, the use of insurance institutions and medical service providers agreement between the insured to provide appropriate medical services. This will not only reduce the cost of the insured pressure, but also to provide full life cycle health care management services. For example, HMO products will match the insured with the exclusive family doctor to help them solve the problems of health care, disease diagnosis and treatment and referral at any time, and improve the health level of the whole family.

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The biggest difference between managed care and traditional insurance is that it needs to build its own/deep cooperation network of medical services. But outside the insurance industry, through self-construction, investment, cooperation and then build a health service network, often only the strength of the head of the enterprise can do. The reason why the health insurance of many small and medium-sized companies fall into the dead end of price war and homogeneous competition is often due to the lack of control over the upstream and downstream of the large health industry chain. Unable to grasp the downstream medical data, it is difficult to exert influence on the hospital, and it is difficult to effectively interfere with the health management of the patient in the upstream, which often leads to the loss of health insurance and poor service experience.

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Good health insurance, need to jump out of the insurance to see insurance, insurance and health system resources to achieve integration. The core competitiveness of health insurance is still service. Heavy service attributes of the product, not only can provide customers with cost-effective protection, but also to help customers less sick, or have sufficient resources for efficient, high-quality diagnosis and treatment of disease rehabilitation effect. Only by deeply participating in the whole process operation of the big health industry and strengthening the integration of insurance and medical, health management, pension and disease care, can the insurance company grasp the health status of its customers in a timely manner, better serve the needs of different groups.

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The recent adjustment of the insurance market means that from regulatory orientation to market behavior, both long-term health insurance and short-term health insurance are encouraged to operate with compliance and clear boundaries. The development of long-term health insurance is the trend of the times in the future, and there is room for differentiated demand under the trend. At present, under the guidance of supervision, the market with the main body, consumer protection work is a safe transition. For customers with long-term security needs, you can choose long-term health insurance through the transfer of insurance. There is reason to believe that in the multi-market education, consumers will be more rational choice of health insurance products, not only pay attention to product prices, more attention to the long-term protection of the product function, the level of protection and supporting health services, and truly proactive, ready for the future of their own health.

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