How to calculate the vehicle damage insurance? How much is the vehicle damage insurance

Car insurance is a lot of car owners in the purchase of a car will choose a kind of insurance, but some car owners in the purchase of car insurance because they do not know what to buy, buy how much and lost a lot of benefits. At this time, it is necessary for the owner to understand the calculation method of the vehicle damage insurance, how to calculate the vehicle damage insurance? How much is it? Here is a simple method, I hope it can help you. Its formula is: vehicle loss insurance premium = (basic premium + vehicle purchase price * rate) * preferential factor.

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The basic premium and rate are approved by the Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the price of each car owner is basically different, which should be determined according to the type of vehicle. The preferential coefficient depends on each insurance company, and the insurance company will determine the preferential coefficient according to the accident situation last year and the insurance company’s own regulations. As long as these contents are clarified, the calculation of the vehicle loss insurance will be easier.

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If the car owner through the calculation to understand the vehicle loss insurance about how much money, then it will be more troublesome, and the calculation of the content is more complex, it is easy to make mistakes, so it will cause the result is not accurate, the owner can log in to the official website, there is a car insurance calculator on the home page, the owner can calculate the price of the vehicle loss insurance according to this calculator, only need to fill in the vehicle driving city, license plate number, vehicle initial date, the price of the car and the mobile phone number can be quoted online, and the calculation results are fast and accurate.

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Through the car insurance calculator, you can not only understand the vehicle loss insurance about how much, but also to enjoy the six services:

1. One minute quick renewal and claims

Nationwide compensation

3. Unlimited and free national non-accident Road Rescue

4. On-site Rapid loss determination, zero document claims

5. Less than ten thousand yuan paid on the same day

The patient was accompanied by personal injury care, and the funds were advanced.

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In order to protect their interests, car owners need to buy an important type of insurance-car damage insurance. At this time, “How much is the vehicle loss insurance” is a lot of people want to know the problem, you can calculate the price of the car insurance through the above introduction, in this way, you can protect your interests when you buy car insurance, and get a higher guarantee at a more favorable price, and achieve the best cost performance.

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