Car insurance buying tips that show you how to buy more cost-effectively

In addition to compulsory insurance, auto insurance has a wide range of additional risks. How should we choose when purchasing insurance for our car?

These three risks are not lost!
1. Compulsory insurance

Strong insurance is mandatory by the state, when the vehicle accident, the object of payment is the hit party, and the amount of payment is limited, the maximum amount of 122,000 yuan.

2. Third party commercial liability insurance

This type of insurance is a supplement to strong insurance, and the object of payment is also others. In an accident, if the amount of compensation exceeds the limit for the payment of strong insurance, the insurance company may be responsible for compensation.

3.Vehicle damage insurance

The biggest difference with the former two is that the object of payment for car damage insurance is the insured, that is, himself! When the accident, in addition to the natural disasters caused by the earthquake, the vehicle damage insurance can give us the corresponding compensation. There are many cases of car damage insurance is not guaranteed, such as: vehicle spontaneous combustion, glass alone broken, body scratches, and vehicle immersion and the owner of the car again fire caused by engine damage.

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To save some money, these can be purchased as appropriate:
1. Scar risk

If there is no obvious collision marks in the scratch paint, the car damage insurance is not paid, then the stroke insurance will play a role. However, in the security, parking environment better place, this risk can not buy.

2. Spontaneous combustion risk

If the vehicle is still in the warranty period, the occurrence of spontaneous combustion is the responsibility of the manufacturer, and the attention is paid to the premise of not modifying the original vehicle circuit without permission. If you buy the spontaneous combustion insurance during the warranty period, it is equivalent to repeated insurance.

3.Water-related risks

This is an additional risk to the engine. If the vehicle is immersed in water, the engine is injured due to the owner’s fire again, and the vehicle damage insurance is not compensated at this time, but the water-related insurance can be compensated.

4. No deduction

The above mentioned compensation can not be fully compensated, if there is no compensation insurance, in the event of an accident, the should be responsible for the 5% to 20% of the compensation liability, and then married to the insurance company.

In addition, there are glass insurance, loss and loss of driving, theft and emergency, seat insurance and so on, which can be purchased according to their own conditions. The more insurance, the better, of course, tuhao can be ignored!

The lowest plan for insurance costs is the compulsory insurance + third party liability insurance, and the most basic is the compulsory insurance + third party liability insurance + vehicle damage insurance. As for other additional risks, can be based on their own specific circumstances.

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How to buy car insurance?

Purchase insurance, mainly through the 4S store, insurance company business hall, insurance company official website and telephone purchase. In the 4s shop to buy the highest cost, the reason you know! And the other three ways to benefit directly is their own, such as some offers, relative to save a little money.

The cost of renewal is related to the number of risks and the amount of claims in the previous year. In accordance with the regulations, as long as the owner does not have any record of violation, risk and claims within one year, in the second year of renewal insurance can enjoy the compulsory insurance, commercial insurance cost reduction treatment, at the same time, it can also be listed as a quality customer by the insurance company, and enjoy the preferential service of automobile insurance.

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1. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive to find an insurance company, and it also leaves a case of risk.

2, renewal should not be too early/too late, it is recommended to renew the insurance about 5 days in advance.

3, must go to the formal insurance company, or agency.

Car insurance is a guarantee, the ultimate driving safety, have to rely on their own!

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