What kind of car insurance should you buy after you buy a new car

First of all, we must buy a strong insurance, which is a national regulation must be purchased, if you do not buy, the traffic police found that is subject to a fine. The rest can be purchased commercial insurance, commercial insurance contains a total of 4 kinds of Main and 11 kinds of risk.

These types of insurance are recommended on the configuration:

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1. Vehicle damage insurance

Car insurance in the most widely used type of insurance, is in the event of a traffic accident, such as falling objects, accidents, and so on, car damage insurance can protect your own car losses. And is the value of the vehicle, it is recommended to buy as much as the insurance.

Third liability insurance

The term “three-liability insurance” for short means that a qualified driver who is permitted by the insured person shall, in the event of an accident when using the insured vehicle, cause personal injury or death or direct loss of property to a third party, the amount of compensation shall be paid by the insured person according to law, and the insurer will pay compensation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the insurance contract.

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For example, if you hit a person by driving, the person who was hit is the third person.

Similar to the compulsory purchase of compulsory insurance by the state, it can also be understood as the supplement of the insurance in the amount of insurance. If you hit a car, the protection of the traffic insurance is not enough, and the loss is not a small number.

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3. Free of claims

It means that after the accident, the insurance company will give a certain deductible according to the scope of the owner’s accident liability, with full responsibility up to 20% deductible rate and sub-liability minimum of 5% deductible rate, the non-deductible insurance is a kind of additional insurance that can eliminate the deductible amount, and the main insurance is required to be purchased.

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