Which car insurance should I buy for a new car? Which car insurance is the most basic

For car owners, the most important point is that they need to know what is the basic car insurance to buy, because only to understand this problem, can help the owner to choose car insurance. So the following small series to give you a detailed introduction to this aspect of knowledge, we often hear in life and we are most familiar with the insurance is compulsory insurance, then from this insurance to talk about it.

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Compulsory insurance

I believe that many car owners are not unfamiliar with compulsory traffic insurance, because the traffic compulsory insurance is a national compulsory insurance. All car owners must buy, and the insured vehicle has a traffic accident, causing the victim (personal injury or property loss, you can apply for compensation to the insurance company. The insurance cost of the traffic insurance is the implementation of the national uniform fee standard, which is stipulated by the state, but different models, its insurance price is also different.

If the owner does not buy the traffic insurance, it will face a lot of losses, for example, the vehicle can not pass the annual inspection, when the vehicle is on the road, the traffic personnel have the right to retain the vehicle, and impose twice the penalty for compulsory insurance. Therefore, we can not take a chance to buy strong insurance, it is one of the important types of vehicle basic insurance.

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Vehicle damage insurance

Vehicle damage insurance is mainly to compensate for the loss of the vehicle itself caused by natural disasters and accidents, whether it is a new car owner or an old car owner, there is a possibility of accidents, because the loss caused by the accident vehicle, if you repair yourself, then the owner will need to bear a huge amount of maintenance costs, if you buy the vehicle loss insurance, you can get compensation through the insurance company to reduce the economic pressure. Whether it is a small bump or a more serious loss, you can get compensation through the insurance company.

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Third party liability insurance

Third party liability insurance is also one of the basic insurance we need to cover in auto insurance. Third party liability insurance is also called “three-party insurance”, which refers to the insured or its allowed drivers in the driving of the insured vehicle if the occurrence of an accident, resulting in personal injury or property damage to the third party, then the insured to take responsibility, this time the insurance company will be responsible for compensation.

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