What are the circumstances of car insurance surrender?

If you want to know more about the situation of auto insurance, please see the following introduction.

In order to avoid the risk of accidents, most car owners will buy a car insurance. But some people buy a car insurance after the discovery is not suitable, want to withdraw, and worry about not back insurance. Then the car insurance can be reported back? Vehicle insurance can be withdrawn, but not all vehicles can be withdrawn, must meet the following conditions:

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(A) under normal circumstances, the traffic insurance can not be retired, except for the following cases:

1. The registration is canceled by the insurance vehicle;

2. The vehicle was stopped by the insurance vehicle;

3. It was confirmed that the vehicle was lost.

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(B) the conditions for the withdrawal of commercial vehicle insurance:

1. The policy must be within the validity period;

(2) the policy-holder is subject to repeated insurance coverage;

3. The insured car is sold, transferred, and donated to a place other than the location of the car

4. The new car is recovered due to quality problems or because it is not available at home.

5. During the period of validity of the policy, the vehicle has not been reported to the insurance company or claims can be withdrawn

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Note: a vehicle that has received compensation from an insurance company cannot be released from insurance; A vehicle that only reports to the insurance company without compensation cannot be released from insurance.

The procedure for the withdrawal of insurance from automobile insurance

1. To submit a declaration of withdrawal to the insurance company, please write a declaration, explain the reasons for the withdrawal and when to start the withdrawal, sign the letter or seal it, and hand it over to the business handling department of the insurance company.

2. The business handling department of the insurance company shall issue a withdrawal approval form according to the request for withdrawal of insurance, which indicates the time for withdrawal of insurance and the amount of the insurance premium, and recover your automobile insurance policy at the same time.

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3. To the financial department of the insurance company to collect the insurance premium, take back the insurance certificate and identity card, to the financial department of the insurance company to collect the insurance premium should be paid.

Tip: Can auto insurance be withdrawn? Car insurance can be withdrawn, but not all car insurance can be withdrawn, need to meet certain conditions. Under normal circumstances, compulsory insurance can only be withdrawn under the following three conditions: cancellation of registration by the insured car, stopping by the insured car, and confirmed loss of the insured car. In the case of the withdrawal of commercial insurance, the policy must be within the validity period or in the case of repeated insurance of the applicant.

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