Car Scratch insurance claim process, how to claim?

Now with the improvement of living standards, more and more people have become a car family, will buy insurance for their own car. The claims procedure for the first year of new-car credit insurance is to report the case quickly, repair the damage, and then pay the insurance company directly with the relevant evidence and amount. However, it should be noted that the reporting time of the insurance is within 48 hours, and the insurance company has the right to refuse the time, because the insurance company needs to investigate the cause of the car scratch.

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The claims process of the scribed insurance was purchased:

1.Report promptly:

The auto insurance clause usually provides for the insurance company to be reported within 48 hours after the risk, otherwise the insurance company has the right to refuse compensation. If another person is entrusted to report the case, the reporter shall also carry the identity card and the power of attorney issued by the insured.

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2. Damage Repair:

All the loss of the vehicle caused by the insurance accident must be determined by the insurance company before being repaired (the damage can be determined at the repair factory or 4S shop designated by the insurance company, or at the factory with the qualification of the damage determination, however, it is necessary to ensure that all three parties are present) to verify the loss items and the amount;

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3. The damaged vehicle can be repaired after the damage is completed;

Compensation paid to the third artificial adult or property damage shall also be approved by the insurance company for compensation items and relevant evidence and amount before settlement; When the vehicle is stolen or stolen, the case should be reported to the public security organ, and the police station or the criminal police force in the dangerous place should be notified within 24 hours; Then the case should be reported to the insurance company, the vehicle was stolen or stolen within 48 hours of carrying personal data to the insurance company to fill out the motor vehicle insurance notice, complete the registration procedures.

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How many times a year can a car scratch insurance claim? There is no upper limit on the number of claims for car scratch insurance, and the amount of compensation cannot exceed the limit of the amount of insurance. General insurance companies have a 15% deductible for mark-on insurance, and the minimum amount is 2000, 5000 yuan, etc. After each compensation, the amount of insurance will be offset accordingly. Scribe insurance is a kind of additional risk of vehicle damage insurance, that is, it can be insured under the condition of vehicle damage insurance, rather than being insured separately.

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