What is the definition of commercial compulsory insurance? How much is the commercial insurance?

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After we buy a car, we have to buy compulsory transportation insurance every year, which is mandatory. If our car does not receive compulsory traffic insurance, it will not be able to get on the road. Compulsory insurance for us is of great significance, it can greatly protect our personal and property safety. But do … Read more

Learn about the ranking of American insurance companies

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“Insurance” in today’s growing development, continuous upgrading, more frequently appear in our daily life. The word insurance is interpreted in a Modern Chinese Dictionary in the sense of being safe or certain. However, this word in the insurance science has its specific content, the meaning is far more profound than we know the meaning. In … Read more

What are the differences between commercial insurance and social insurance?

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Commercial insurance is compared to social insurance, it is the insured and the insurer on a voluntary basis, through the insurance contract to establish the insurance relationship, reasonable calculation and collection of insurance, to provide financial compensation or protection for property loss or personal injury caused by a specific disaster. From the development history of … Read more