How to apply for auto insurance when buying a car in a different place

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Car insurance can be purchased in different places, as long as the owner’s ID card is available, and now many large insurance companies are supporting the nation-wide compensation, these companies have set up branches in various cities in the country, after the owner has purchased the car insurance in different places, once the insurance is … Read more

How to Renew auto insurance?

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To learn more about how to renew your car insurance, please see the following introduction. More than the vehicle renewal time did not renew the owner of the car is not a small number of each year, there are also many car owners to choose the wrong renewal plan, because the renewal of some things … Read more

What are the auto insurance items included?

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As the economy grows, the car is no longer a luxury, many people choose to buy a car to facilitate travel, after the purchase of a car, they must choose to buy car insurance, many car owners know little about car insurance. So, what are the items of car insurance? Traffic mandatory risk Motor vehicle … Read more

What does auto commercial insurance include?

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1. Vehicle damage insurance: Vehicle loss insurance refers to the loss of the insured vehicle caused by natural disasters (excluding earthquake) or accidents within the scope of insurance liability, and the insurer shall pay compensation according to the provisions of the insurance contract. 2. Third party liability insurance: It refers to the direct loss of … Read more

What problems should be paid attention to in auto self-ignition insurance claims?

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The phenomenon of auto-ignition generally occurs in the hot summer. If the car in the driving spontaneous combustion how claims? In the event of a disaster, do not hide in the car, the car is a dangerous place, can not protect the safety of life. Once the car spontaneous combustion on the road, the car … Read more

What kind of auto insurance should I buy for a new car?

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To learn more about what kind of insurance to buy a new car, please see the following introduction. After the new car to hand, the owners should be timely purchase of the appropriate car insurance, in order to avoid traffic risks. So, what are the new car insurance? In general, the novice driver if the … Read more

What is the status quo of the American auto insurance industry, do you understand

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In this century, the car is not a rare product, more and more ordinary people have a car, it is well known that the United States is the world’s largest number of cars in the country, we often see crowded roads in movies and TV series, the more number of cars, the higher the frequency … Read more

How to claim auto insurance? auto insurance claims knowledge

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Many people choose to buy a car, often worry about some accidents, causing some losses, they will want to use a variety of appropriate ways to improve the safety of the car on the road. Therefore, more and more car owners will buy car insurance in the first time after buying a car, but many … Read more

How to buy the three-liability insurance is more appropriate?

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Now with the increase of car owners, car insurance has become one of the hot topics. In case of traffic accidents and other accidents, car insurance will play a very important role, in addition to the necessary traffic compulsory insurance, many car owners also attach great importance to the third party liability insurance. However, there … Read more

Auto insurance query, the consequences of the car expired not renewed

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Last year, the car is insured what risk can be queried, the owner only call the insurance company customer service phone, through the license plate number can query the accident records of previous years; The owner can also log in to the local insurance query platform, enter the license plate number to query the vehicle … Read more