How to Obtain certificate of accidental disability level of commercial insurance

death and total permanent disability insurance

Accidental disability grade In daily social life, we will inevitably engage in some social activities, and life will inevitably occur accidents, may be due to an accident caused by accidental disability. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state, accidental disability can claim compensation according to law. Or the accident has purchased … Read more

Do you know the difference between accidental disability and work-related injury disability?

accident and sickness cover

First, what is accidental disability Accidental disability refers to physical disability caused by an accident, and the degree of disability is clearly listed in the provisions of the insurance policy. For example, the lowest grade of disability is the absence of the thumb or index finger of one hand, or other fingers with two or … Read more

The difference between disability insurance and serious illness insurance is so big, do you know?

disability insurance for individuals

With the progress of society, people’s acceptance of all kinds of insurance gradually increased, which in turn further promoted the development of the insurance industry. But the problem also follows, in the face of a wide variety of types of insurance which is the most suitable for their own? The following is not easy to … Read more

What insurance can be purchased for persons with disabilities?

disability insurance

Disabled people are a group of people who need insurance very much because they have no support after the accident. So, what insurance can people with disabilities buy? What should be paid attention to when buying! First, the disabled can buy insurance Disabled people are a special group, because of physical defects, so can not … Read more