How much is the maternity insurance

maternity insurance already pregnant

A few days ago, I believe everyone has seen the news that a pregnant woman gave birth to a baby while taking a taxi, and now women are also working people, during pregnancy out suddenly while he’s working to give birth to the baby is not uncommon, in order to improve the treatment of women, … Read more

Buy health insurance for parents should pay attention to the following points

The importance of health insurance for parents Because parents are too old, the ability of physical fitness began to decline, the ability to resist risks also began to weaken, and therefore, their risk at this age is several times higher than at other ages. In addition to physical factors that may require frequent medical attention, … Read more

Buying health insurance can’t just look at the price

short term medical insurance

In recent years, the most popular insurance is a million medical insurance, hundreds of blocks can leverage the amount of millions of insurance. However, many consumers are attracted by low prices, and often ignore the fact that millions of medical insurance is short-term health insurance, thus laying a hidden danger for themselves. Recent market adjustments … Read more

The most important thing in life is to invest more in your own health

how important it is to have a healthy body

What is the most important ability in this life? There is no doubt that it is to make money. In the book The Nature of poverty, the Nobel laureates in economics, “abiget barnaji” and “Ester diflo,” give answers to why people are poor. Ordinary people will think that poverty is a disease, is the result … Read more

At two o’clock in the morning, lying in the ward, I suddenly understood these four truths

People often only after personal experience, can really understand some truth. A few days ago, the child was ill and hospitalized, although it was only an ordinary Fever, but the result was that the family was physically and mentally exhausted. On the first day of hospitalization, the fever was rising again and again. Lying on … Read more

What kind of insurance do doctors like most? Here is the answer!

health insurance

Talk about your understanding of insurance Doctors are the “nobles” in our lives “. Everyone has birth, aging, illness and death, who can leave the doctor? Life is only once, once lost, never come again. Doctors have a deep understanding of both medicine and insurance, so insurance should be purchased early! In the previous career … Read more