How to deal with Five social insurance and one housing fund after immigration

general liability insurance

Want to learn more about the social security after the migration of five insurance and one housing fund how to deal with the knowledge, please see the following introduction. How to deal with five social insurance and one payment after immigration? According to Article 14 of the Social Insurance Law, an individual account may not … Read more

Accident insurance which is better? Early purchase is important

personal accident insurance

Accidents are ubiquitous, and it is necessary to develop a comprehensive protection plan for themselves and their families as much as possible. Therefore, it is imperative to buy accident insurance as soon as possible, so accident insurance which is good? The following article is a brief introduction. Accident insurance which is good? Accident insurance which … Read more

What life insurance to buy over 60 years old

life insurance over 60 no medical exam

Over the age of 60 to buy insurance? Because people over the age of 60, the physical condition is relatively poor, the probability of their own illness and accidents is very high, so the elderly over the age of 60 to buy insurance to increase their own security, it is still necessary. Over the age … Read more

How to insure accident insurance for company employees

workplace personal injury insurance

First, the scope of protection of employee accident insurance Employee accident insurance is a kind of accident insurance, so the scope and conditions of payment are roughly the same as those of ordinary accident insurance. There are four types of employee accident insurance: death benefit, disability benefit, medical benefit and hospitalization allowance. 1. Payment for … Read more

The biggest regret in the world is to buy life insurance for parents

life insurance companies

Some time ago, Mother’s Day, did not mean to disturb everyone. Because in my opinion, no insurance is as important as company. Now after the festival, I can finally talk. These days, I found that asked “How to buy insurance for parents” friends, in particular, in addition to the type of health protection needs, many … Read more

How to check the parents to buy the life insurance is not to buy the wrong?

life insurance for people over 50

Recently, I saw a piece of news that a elder sister had bought his child nine years of insurance. In the end, I found that I had bought the wrong one. I thought it was an education fund for the child, but it was a life insurance. She was so angry that she didn’t talk … Read more

The truth! Making money by insurance companies has little to do with denied claim

usaa term life insurance

In most people’s impressions: It’s easy to buy insurance, but it’s too hard to pay! Just like “The road is hard”, it is difficult to go to the top. But is that really true? There is no doubt that, as a result of this impression, the Department of Protection does have a certain responsibility. In … Read more

What kind of protection can buying life insurance bring us?

life insurance and income protection

A small instrument bearing the nature of protection was born at sea Years, the “instrument” evolved into a policy From handwriting to printing to electronic Fly from the other side of the ocean to the world Insurance has gradually entered our lives So, why can Insurance enter thousands of households? What can it protect? In … Read more

Why do insurance companies like to denied insurance claim? what are the possible solutions to a denied claim

how do i respond to a denied insurance claim

After all, with the expectation of an accident in the future, I bought an insurance, and the result was a denied insurance claim. Who can resist? This is more uncomfortable than the virtual currency serial explosion, and I can’t wait to put the insurance company on the street lamp to sing a song “Star Light”. … Read more