What kind of motorcycle insurance do I need to buy for motorcycles?

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Friends who have the experience of buying a car know that there are many kinds of car insurance, of which compulsory insurance is a must, and the third party liability insurance is almost the most drivers will buy. After all, more and more vehicles on the road, after a long time driving will inevitably occur … Read more

How to buy insurance for motorcycles? What are the insurance coverage?

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With the gradual development of traffic, we can find that the number of motorcycles on the street is also a lot, but the motorcycle travel also has a certain risk, is there any insurance can protect the motorcycle? Motorcycle and car belong to the scope of motor vehicles, in fact, you can refer to the … Read more

Details of motorcycle insurance purchase process

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Many people know little about motorcycle insurance. They think that motorcycles are not insured. In fact, the motorcycle also belongs to the motor vehicle, the need to pay the traffic compulsory insurance, but also can buy other commercial insurance. If no compulsory traffic insurance is found by the traffic police, they will also be detained. … Read more

Motorcycle insurance claim process and precautions

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It is well known that motorcycles also need to buy insurance, but most people do not know much about motorcycle insurance, especially the settlement process of motorcycle insurance. There are also some people who understand the claims process, but often panic and forget the claims process after an accident. Today, we will continue to understand … Read more

What are the methods of motorcycle anti-theft? Is the motorcycle anti-theft insurance worth buying?

Regardless of the value of the motorcycle, the theft of the motorcycle has been endless, from the value of thousands of yuan of motorcycles to more than 100,000 yuan of luxury motorcycles, there have been theft incidents. The more popular motorcycle models are, the more likely they are to be stolen. This is because the … Read more