What is Schengen visa insurance for going abroad?

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With the improvement of people’s living standards, outbound tourism has become a popular choice for ordinary people, and Europe is a hot spot. Many countries in Europe are at the root of the United States. If you want to travel, you need to purchase the insurance of the root visa? This overseas insurance strategy is … Read more

How to buy accident insurance for overseas travel?

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With the development of globalization, people’s tourism has already developed from domestic to overseas. However, compared to domestic tourism, overseas tourism will also increase a lot of hidden dangers, such as not understanding of the region, language is not familiar with and so on. So how to buy suitable overseas travel insurance? Now, let’s follow … Read more

What is the travel accident insurance? Does it include property?

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With the gradual enhancement of the national insurance awareness, we gradually have the awareness of using insurance to protect their personal and property safety. Usually the travel agency will buy a copy of the travel accident insurance for each person before the departure of the tour group. What is the travel accident insurance? Does it … Read more

What is the Schengen visa? Travel insurance is required for a Schengen visa?

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If you want to have a trip to Europe, it is recommended to apply for a Schengen visa first, because with it, you can go to most European countries. If you are the first time to apply for a Shen gan visa, you can first understand what is the Shen gan visa, the Shen gan … Read more

Is accident insurance useful in a foreign country?

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Thanks to the development of transportation and tourism, people travel more and more diverse, has not been limited to the travel of the travel group. Even if you go abroad, many people will choose to travel freely. Compared with the newspaper tour group, the travel arrangement is more flexible and free. Is it safe to … Read more

How to buy overseas travel insurance?

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When traveling abroad, tourists may encounter some dangers, especially the frequent occurrence of global terrorist attacks. In order to better safeguard the rights and interests of individuals, we need to know some skills in purchasing overseas travel insurance, know how to buy overseas visitors insurance. Understand the visa requirements of the country to which you … Read more

How to configure the tourism accident insurance more reasonably?

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With the gradual improvement of living standards, many families in their leisure time will travel abroad as a family holiday, relaxation of choice. However, in foreign countries, people are not familiar with each other, there will be certain obstacles to language communication, and there may be some risks that may lead to personal or property … Read more

What kind of insurance is good for self-driving travel insurance?

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The annual summer travel season is coming soon. With the popularity of self-driving travel, many families have their own self-driving travel plans, followed by the safety and security issues during self-driving travel, many insurance-aware friends will also learn more about self-driving travel insurance. What is self-driving travel insurance? How to buy? Today, with the small … Read more

How to buy road trip travel insurance?

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In recent years, more and more tourists do not like to travel with the group, more willing to do the strategy with their relatives and friends, driving together. But self-driving travel in the free at the same time, also means to bear the risk of their own travel. At this time, the need for insurance … Read more

How to buy outbound travel insurance?

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With the increase of national economic income, more and more people choose to travel abroad during the holiday. Although you can see the fresh landscape, different humanities, but accompanied by different languages, different living habits and other issues, the risk of accidents is greater. In the event of an accident, do not know how to … Read more