What are the provisions for the compensation of freight transport Insurance in traffic accidents?

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Introduction: traffic accident cargo insurance compensation is provided by the insurance company for the damage of goods compensation. Of course, in the traffic accident caused by the insurance liability, one refers to the truck insurance of the vehicle accident, compensation for the actual loss of the existing property of others directly caused by the accident. … Read more

What are the types of truck insurance?

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The traffic force insurance for freight cars is a kind of compulsory insurance stipulated by national law, which is mainly to provide protection for casualties and property losses caused by road traffic accidents. Vehicle loss insurance vehicle loss insurance is a kind of commercial insurance, it is mainly responsible for compensation for natural disasters and … Read more

How much does truck insurance quote and what is included in the scope of compensation

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In recent years, the development of the automobile industry is very rapid, but the incidence of traffic accidents is also increasing year by year, vehicle insurance in the vehicle after a traffic accident appears to be very important, especially for commercial vehicles. Due to the fixed thinking of people, when they see that there is … Read more