How to deal with truck accident insurance, truck insurance compensation process

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Relevant knowledge of the types of commercial insurance for freight cars vehicle loss insurance this type of insurance is a type of insurance for which the insurance company compensates for the loss of the vehicle itself, however, this type of insurance includes the vehicle glass and the loss caused by the vehicle parking, and the … Read more

How much does truck insurance cost and what is included in the scope of compensation

commercial truck insurance

How much is the truck insured for a year? Compared with cars, due to the strong volume and the difficulty of operation, the risk of the truck is more, and the possibility of danger is relatively high, so for the train, insurance is also of paramount importance. But for the truck driver, how much a … Read more

How to claim the freight van accident insurance , freight van insurance payment process

With the rise of express delivery and e-commerce industry, the logistics industry has developed rapidly. We can often see the truck driving on the street, the truck compared to the van, the probability of an accident is relatively large. Truck accidents are traffic accidents, and claims should be handled according to the traffic accident reporting … Read more