How to Obtain certificate of accidental disability level of commercial insurance

Accidental disability grade

In daily social life, we will inevitably engage in some social activities, and life will inevitably occur accidents, may be due to an accident caused by accidental disability. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state, accidental disability can claim compensation according to law. Or the accident has purchased personal accident insurance, can also be subject to the liability of the insurance products to obtain due compensation. Understanding the level of accidental disability in advance is beneficial and harmless to our future life.

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What is unintentional disability

Accidental disability refers to physical disability caused by an accident in social activities, and the degree of disability is clearly listed in the provisions of the insurance policy, the insurance company will not be responsible for all the accidental disability, they only for the degree of disability and the standard of payment in accordance with the insurance contract, the insurance liability shall be borne according to the proportion of payment agreed in the contract. If the insured person’s disability does not reach the high grade of disability, it can be assessed as the next grade of disability. For example, the degree of disability of binocular permanent blindness is the first level; If the degree of the first level is not reached, it can be assessed as the second, third, fourth, fifth according to the degree of actual function, grade six or seven.

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Personal Insurance accidental disability rating standards

The accidental disability grade of personal insurance is divided into one to ten grades according to the physical disability. The most serious is grade one, and the lightest is grade ten. The basis for its division is as follows:

Grade I disability

Daily life is completely unable to take care of themselves, consciousness disappeared; All kinds of activities are limited and bed rest; Complete loss of ability to work and social skills.

Grade II disability

Daily life needs help from someone at any time; Activities that can only be done in bed or chair; Can not work; Social interaction is extremely difficult.

Grade 3 disability

Can not completely independent life, all kinds of activities are limited, limited to indoor activities; Obvious occupation limitation; Social communication difficulties.

 Grade 4 disability

The ability of daily life is severely limited; The various activities are limited to the activities within the living area; The types of occupations that can be participated in are limited; The social interaction is severely limited.

Grade 5 disability

Limited ability of daily life, sometimes need the supervision of others; Limited activities, limited to the activities of the nearest; Need to significantly reduce the work; Social interaction activity is rare

Grade 6 disability

The ability of daily life is partially limited, but it can be partially compensated, and needs help in some affairs; Various activities are reduced; It is not competent for the original work; Social interaction is narrow.

Grade 7 disability

Activities related to daily life are severely limited; Short-term activities are not limited, long-term activities are limited; Working hours need to be significantly shortened; Social interaction is reduced.

Grade 8 disability

Activities related to daily life are partially limited; Long-distance mobility is limited; Intermittent work; Social interaction is restricted.

Grade 9 disability

The ability of daily activities is mostly limited; The ability of work and learning is decreased; The ability of social interaction is mostly limited;

Grade 10 disability

The ability of daily activities is partially limited; The ability of work and learning is decreased; The ability of social interaction is partially limited.

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How to Obtain certificate of accidental disability level of commercial insurance

Commercial insurance claims must be made within the time limit for claims. If the time limit is exceeded, the insured or the beneficiary does not make compensation to the insurance company, does not provide the necessary proof and does not receive insurance money, and can be judged as abstaining. So we must understand in advance of commercial insurance accident disability level proof how to apply, how to obtain? The insured should apply to the police station for injury identification and disability grade identification after discharge from the hospital in order to obtain the disability grade certificate. The public security organs will commission the relevant disability identification departments to carry out disability level identification according to the needs. The relevant disability rating will generally be completed within 10 working days. The insured shall provide the disability identification institution with the diagnosis certificate of injury, disease and disability issued by the medical institution, such as medical record, discharge certificate, CT film, laboratory test sheet, electrocardiogram and other relevant diagnostic materials.

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Criteria for incidental disability insurance

Purchase of commercial accident insurance, in the accident after disability can be obtained a financial compensation. The money serves as a pension to compensate for the loss of income due to disability and to sustain future life. In general, the insurance company pays this amount of money by multiplying the amount of insurance by the degree of disability. Grade 1 disability is the most serious, with 100% of the insurance amount paid, 90% for Grade 2 disability, 80% for Grade 3 disability, and so on, up to grade 10 disability, 10%.

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