Which auto insurance company is better to buy?

At present, in our country, according to the relevant regulations of the traffic management bureau of the Ministry of Public Security on motor vehicles, car owners must purchase “traffic accident liability compulsory insurance” (hereinafter referred to as “traffic insurance”); the purchase of “motor vehicle commercial insurance” is a voluntary purchase.

Motor vehicle insurance premium amount is generally fixed; And the amount of motor vehicle commercial insurance premium due to the purchase of insurance liability range is different, the amount of different.

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Motor vehicle compulsory insurance

Compulsory insurance is a compulsory purchase of motor vehicle insurance, each motor vehicle only need to participate in a strong insurance, and can not be repeated; And after the insurance of the strong insurance, you can take out other motor vehicle insurance.

From the companies insurance liability of the compulsory insurance, it can be seen that the compulsory insurance provides compensation for the damage of the victim who is injured by the traffic accident; And from the amount of insurance, it can be known that the amount of protection is limited.

In other words, it is the third person, that is, the other person and the property of the other person, and not the insured person or the own car.

Motor vehicle commercial insurance is to provide protection for the insured and the insured vehicle, generally including the following:

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Main insurance, vehicle damage insurance, third party liability insurance, theft and emergency rescue, vehicle personnel liability insurance;

Additional risks, such as glass breakage risk, spontaneous combustion risk, body Mark-off risk, engine water-related risk, on-board cargo liability insurance, no deduction rate insurance, motor vehicle loss insurance can not find third-party special insurance, etc.

The scope of protection of each main insurance and additional insurance, and the insurance liability is different, the owner can choose to be insured according to their own situation and the characteristics of the use of vehicles, in order to avoid, pass on the risk of loss that may occur to protect their own interests.

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Vehicle damage insurance

From the insurance clauses, it can be seen that the vehicle damage insurance provides protection for the direct loss caused by the reasons stipulated in the insurance clauses during the normal use of the insured motor vehicle; the amount of protection shall be limited to the actual value of the vehicle at the time of insurance.

That is to say, the insurance is the protection of the car in daily use, due to damage caused by the loss.

Here is a particular note that in case of heavy rainfall caused by the engine water, must not be forced to fire, otherwise cause damage to the engine, is unable to use this insurance claims!

For the four main risks of commercial auto insurance, it is recommended that the owner should consider the four main risks according to his own situation, and reasonably configure the additional risks:

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First, for the vehicle with a unit price of more than 300,000, all four main risks can be insured, and choose about 1 million of the third party liability insurance; At the same time, additional glass separate breakage risk, body marking risk, engine water-related risk, no third party specific insurance can be found without deductible or motor vehicle loss insurance;

Two, for the unit price of 10-300,000 of the vehicle, the four main insurance can be insured, and choose about 500,000 of the third party liability insurance; At the same time, the additional glass separate broken, body marking insurance, no third party specific insurance can be found without deductible or motor vehicle loss insurance;

Three, for the unit price of less than 100,000, or residual value is not high, after the insurance of third party insurance and on-board personnel liability insurance, consider whether or not to cover the car damage insurance; At the same time, additional self-ignition insurance, the third party specific insurance can not be found without deductible rate insurance and motor vehicle loss insurance, etc;

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Finally, in terms of the current market environment, from the consumer’s point of view, commercial auto insurance does not matter which insurance company is better, because the insurance clauses of auto insurance are basically the same format clauses, after the occurrence of an insurance accident, the claims are based on the terms of the insurance rather than the specific company. Therefore, consumers only need to choose the company they are familiar with or the responsible insurance agent, can enjoy good insurance services.

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