Which insurance company is better for auto insurance? Which car insurance is cheaper?

How to choose the right car insurance?

With the development of economy, more and more families choose to buy cars, and the rapid growth of the number of cars, making the road conditions become crowded, traffic accidents, vehicle scraping and other events are becoming more and more frequent. Therefore, many car owners will choose to buy insurance after buying a car to avoid risks and reduce losses. When people buy goods, they always want to buy high-quality goods at a low price, which is the so-called value for money, and the same is true when buying insurance. So, how to buy insurance private cars, buy which car insurance is better?

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What are the types of car insurance?

Automobile Insurance is divided into two types: compulsory insurance and commercial insurance. Compulsory insurance refers to the traffic insurance, it is necessary to buy, do not buy the vehicle can not be normal road. More types of commercial insurance, it is not necessary to buy, so the owner can choose to buy according to their own needs and their own economic ability. Commercial insurance includes two parts: basic insurance and additional insurance, among which the more common types are third party liability insurance, vehicle loss insurance, vehicle personnel liability insurance, etc. Whether to buy, buy what kind of car insurance, the owner can be based on their own actual situation to decide, the choice of car insurance to buy is also mainly said commercial car insurance.

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What are the issues to consider when buying car insurance?

In general, in the purchase of car insurance, the owner in addition to the need to consider the price, but also need to consider the company’s word of mouth, service level, claims speed, etc. If you consider the price, in the face of problems, such as vehicle anchor, call the insurance company but not timely acceptance, it is really more than the loss.

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission has ranked the auto insurance companies on the market by considering ten factors, such as the rate of incoming telephone calls, the service satisfaction rate of customer service representatives, the timeliness of processing the information on the inquiry and dissent of the insurance claims, and the rate of settlement of the claims cases. You can find out about the car insurance company on the website. The final choice of the complaint rate and service rating performance are better insurance companies.

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Some suggestions for buying the cheap auto insurance:

Auto insurance is a very high degree of standardization of products, the protection of each company is almost the same, for buyers, need to consider not only the service, but also to consider the price, cost-effective. In this good reputation of the company’s car insurance price of horizontal comparison, it can be found that some insurance companies car insurance price is the lowest. Therefore, if you want to buy a more cost-effective car insurance at a more favorable price, it is recommended to choose a large insurance company.

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