How to choose low cost auto insurance?

With the development of modern society, cars are becoming more and more popular in our life. Many people choose to buy a car and become a car owner. But for most families, it is still a luxury, so many car owners want to buy the most comprehensive insurance at the most favorable price, today small make up on the collection of some information on the car insurance, we hope to help.

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In order to maximize the protection of our interests, we need to pay attention to a lot of things in the purchase of car insurance. The most important thing is to understand the classification of insurance types and the scope of protection, automobile insurance is mainly divided into strong insurance and commercial insurance, commercial insurance is divided into basic insurance and additional insurance, and the basic insurance includes vehicle loss insurance, third party liability insurance, on-board personnel liability insurance, and whole-vehicle theft and emergency rescue. The additional risks mainly include Mark-off risk, vehicle self-ignition risk, water-related driving risk, glass separate breakage risk, and no compensation-free risk.

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Many car owners believe that the above types of insurance in the force of the insurance and the third party liability insurance is the same, because the force of the insurance is necessary to buy so the third party liability insurance is not necessary to buy. In fact, this idea is very wrong, although the scope of protection of these two types of insurance is the same, but there is a big difference in the amount of compensation.

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That auto insurance How to Buy is the best? For new car owners, you can choose a more comprehensive type of insurance to protect their interests, because the car insurance in the commercial insurance is the owner of the selective purchase, therefore, the owner must choose to buy according to their own situation, the new car insurance insurance does not need to buy spontaneous combustion insurance, glass separate breakage insurance, the above two types of insurance are not required for a new car that has just been manufactured.

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Many car owners feel that the scope of compulsory insurance is relatively wide, so there is no need to buy other commercial insurance. The scope of traffic compulsory insurance is indeed very wide, but the main protection of traffic compulsory insurance is the loss of the interests of the third party in traffic accidents. Therefore, it is absolutely not advisable for the owner to purchase only compulsory transportation insurance. At the same time, when choosing commercial vehicle insurance, it is also necessary to pay attention to the actual situation of the vehicle.

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