Claims tips for car insurance

The insurance industry is a rapidly developing industry, and many friends who have cars will also insure their own cars. It is understood that in addition to the traffic insurance, there are some car commercial insurance, the owner can choose to buy. However, it should be noted that the owner must master some of the skills of the car insurance claims, because there are a lot of things to pay attention to after the accident, the owner only master some of the car insurance claims skills, in order to avoid some claims disputes.

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1.Report the case in time.

After the vehicle is out of danger, the owner must immediately report the case to the traffic police department, and report the case to the insurance company within 48 hours, also show the insurance policy and the receipt of the premium, and fill in the notice of risk according to the requirements of the insurance company.

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2, Do not repair the car without authorization.

After receiving the report from the owner of the vehicle, the insurance company will send the settlement personnel to the site for investigation, or go to the Transportation Department to understand the risk of the vehicle, determine the damage to the vehicle, and estimate the reasonable vehicle repair cost, send the accident vehicle to the designated repair shop for repair.

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3, Pay attention to the payment time.

The owner should submit a claim to the insurance company within 3 months after the date of repair of the insured vehicle or the settlement of the accident. If the insurance company notifies the insured to receive the insurance payment, however, if the insured does not collect the compensation after one year, it will be considered that the collection of the compensation will be automatically abandoned.

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4. Pay attention to the preservation of evidence.

The insured shall properly keep the insurance policy, the certificate of accident treatment, the accident mediation document, the repair list and other relevant certificates so as to receive compensation from the insurance company in the future.

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5. Situation of danger in different places.

Many car owners need to drive frequently, which will inevitably lead to accidents in different places. When the vehicle is out of danger in different places, the insured must report the case in time and wait for the damage and rescue of the insurance company. The owner should not repair the car or cart by himself. Insurance companies are usually not responsible for the expansion of vehicle damage due to unauthorized repair. In addition, the owner can take a photo of the scene of the accident at the first time as a proof of claim.

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