What is the definition of commercial compulsory insurance? How much is the commercial insurance?

After we buy a car, we have to buy compulsory transportation insurance every year, which is mandatory. If our car does not receive compulsory traffic insurance, it will not be able to get on the road. Compulsory insurance for us is of great significance, it can greatly protect our personal and property safety. But do you know what compulsory insurance is? What is the insurance liability of the compulsory insurance? How much does it cost for one year? Below we take a look at the relevant knowledge.

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What is the definition of compulsory vehicle insurance? As the name implies, compulsory insurance is compulsory insurance, compulsory vehicle insurance is compulsory insurance, compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance, is the first compulsory insurance system implemented by national laws and regulations.

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Insurance liability for compulsory vehicle insurance: the insured shall bear the liability for damages in accordance with the law if a traffic accident occurs during the use of the insured motor vehicle, resulting in personal injury or property loss to the victim, the insurance company shall be responsible for compensation within the limit of compensation for each accident as agreed.

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Strong insurance is a kind of insurance that car owners must buy every year, but many car owners do not know how much they need to pay each year. In fact, different types of vehicles, then the cost of compulsory insurance is also different. Generally speaking, the premium for compulsory insurance is fixed in the first year of purchase and varies according to the number of seats and the nature of the motor vehicle. However, according to the regulation on compulsory insurance, the basic fee for ordinary private cars to cover compulsory insurance is 950 yuan per year, and the insurance for private cars will be renewed in the second year, according to the traffic accident and traffic safety violations of the car in the previous year, make A corresponding floating final premium = base premium X (1 + floating ratio associated with road traffic accidents) x (1 + floating ratio associated with traffic safety violations A). Of course, the above data only as a reference, we can go to the relevant departments under Counseling.

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