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The Spring Festival holiday is coming, are you ready to drive home? Whether you are an old driver or a novice on the road, you must be fully prepared for the long-distance self-driving tour during the special period of the Spring Festival. If the accident happens on the way home, and in the field, what should we do to minimize the loss? Small make up specially for you to do a Spring Festival self-driving travel insurance strategy.

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Is it enough to buy car insurance before departure? Many car owners mistakenly believe that the insurance they usually buy for the car is enough. In fact, some of the insurance that is usually covered by the owner does not include financial losses on the car and personal accidents of other passengers on the car. And long-distance self-driving, loss of property and other relatives in the car accident is possible. To this end, the purchase of self-driving insurance, to pay special attention to car property and car relatives are covered.

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Insurance rescue service do you know? At present, many insurance companies provide customers with 24 hours of non-accident road rescue service within the scope of the national rescue service network. If you have an emergency such as a vehicle failure during driving (a vehicle failure caused by a non-traffic accident is required), you only need to call the relevant insurance company, the insurance company can send its staff to the site to provide customers with the replacement of tires, emergency power, emergency water delivery, trailer traction, rescue and other services.

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Small editor to remind: the majority of the owners of friends in the purchase of insurance should be aware of the company insured whether there is insurance rescue services, and when the failure occurs, the owner should take the initiative to contact the insurance company, according to the demand, the insurance company is proposed to the corresponding insurance rescue service. At the same time, it is recommended that tourists should buy accident insurance containing emergency rescue services before traveling. On the one hand, they can get rescue at a critical moment, and at the same time, they can compensate for the cost of local treatment, this is ordinary traffic accident insurance can not do.

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What should I do if there is an accident in driving in different places? As more and more car owners like to drive by themselves, the risk of accidents in different places is also greatly increased. So now the mainstream insurance companies have launched off-site insurance claims, such as the country through compensation, off-site claims and other services. If a traffic accident occurs in different places, you only need to call the insurance company’s national unified service telephone, and follow the guidance of the staff, you can complete the insurance report and loss assessment in different places.

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