Auto insurance query, the consequences of the car expired not renewed

Last year, the car is insured what risk can be queried, the owner only call the insurance company customer service phone, through the license plate number can query the accident records of previous years; The owner can also log in to the local insurance query platform, enter the license plate number to query the vehicle claim information. At present, the floating rate system is implemented in the traffic insurance, and most places implement the “double linked” mechanism. The next year’s compulsory insurance rate is linked to the presence or absence of accidents and the presence or absence of drunk driving records in the previous year.

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We continue to learn more about the query method of auto insurance: 1, policy information query: after the owner of the car insurance in different ways, the final insurance information should be summarized to the insurance company business platform, the owner can directly call the insurance company customer service phone to query, the owner can also through the original insurance agency or insurance agent, they are responsible for the search of vehicle insurance.

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2, claims information query: at present, most provinces and cities in the country have realized the motor vehicle information sharing platform, not only has the traffic insurance, commercial auto insurance claims query function and premium calculation function, can meet the traffic insurance, commercial auto insurance premium and insurance claims records associated with the requirements, but also has the auto insurance data query and statistical analysis, claims information industry sharing and other functions. The owner can query claims information online.

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What are the consequences of failure to renew the car insurance in a timely manner after it expires? Vehicle insurance extended non-renewal incidents have occurred, until the traffic department found that it did not pay the insurance, or until the occurrence of a traffic accident, the application for claims, only found that the insurance contract has expired. Once the vehicle insurance is found by the Transportation Department, it will be subject to a Double Fine. When the insurance is renewed, it will also affect the risk factor of the vehicle, which will increase the cost of the vehicle insurance in the next year. Therefore, the owner must not ignore the expiration time of the car insurance, if the owner can not guarantee that they can remember, when choosing to buy car insurance, it is best to choose to provide the service of expiration reminder.

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Can I return the car insurance? Some people will regret after purchasing insurance, there will be the idea of want to withdraw insurance. According to the relevant provisions of the insurance law: car insurance can be retired, but also sub-circumstances, the strong insurance can not be retired, commercial insurance can be retired, commercial insurance if there is no risk, you can withdraw insurance according to the proportion of the time you are insured: Premium-premium * The number of days that have been insured/365

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