Why should you be advised not to buy insurance easily ?

The more people grow up, the more the time of family together, and the separation is more painful.

Our generation, there are old and small, in the ability of the time, to buy a sense of security for themselves and their families is particularly important.

In the past, when we saw people selling insurance, we were very disgusted. Because we were afraid of being cheated, we always thought that we were still young and felt that there was no need to buy insurance. But now, many people begin to worry that if they don’t have money, they don’t know what to do when they or their families are seriously ill. This year, more people are discussing insurance. (This article does not promote insurance)

Insurance can actually help us transfer risk. However, serious disease insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, life insurance and these types of insurance and functions are always confusing, such:

1, do not know the market price of all types of insurance, buy several times more expensive than the market price, low cost insurance;
2, buy education Gold/marriage gold to think that the income is stable, the actual number of years can not return this (equivalent to the money for several years to borrow no interest);
3, follow the wind to buy or be spoofed, thought to buy insurance can be “sick to take money to cure the disease, no disease to sit and wait for income”, the specific what to buy, what is not clear, what happened to pay less or even no one to teach you how to claim, about equal to white money;

The knowledge of insurance is very deep, if you do not understand it is easy to tell, to buy “this is not to compensate, that is not to compensate for” insurance, White to spend a lot of money in the end, so we must be cautious!

You don’t need insurance if you have medicare?

Health care is the basis of health care, and it does cover some of the health care costs, but did you know that? Even though the health insurance catalogue is updated every year, there are still many people who cannot afford the medical expenses.

Medical expenses, care costs, lost time costs due to illness are enough to bring down a middle-class family.

Advances in science and technology have increased the chances of a major disease being cured, and the probability of spending more money is greater.

The role of insurance is to help us take risks and minimize losses when we encounter risks such as diseases, accidents, and pension.

Many buy insurance will encounter the following problems!

1.Niversal life insurance

Universal risk, on the surface of the serious illness, accident, education and other things are included, it seems that “a policy for a lifetime, what is guaranteed”, in fact, the amount of protection is very low.

For example, suffering from a major disease, the insurance amount is only 100,000 yuan, let’s think, how long can support the hospitalization?

2. Return insurance

Return Insurance, said that “there is a disease, no disease to return money”, this sounds like a very cost-effective, in fact, the same protection, the return of money is several times more expensive than the consumption type.

What’s more, the money returned is the money you paid at the beginning, and the money returned after many years may have been devalued.

3. A friend introduced the policy

Many people are sorry to push off the sales of relatives and friends, and pay too much attention to the size of the insurance company brand, but do not understand the quality of the product. Finally, it is found that the price of the product is expensive and the cost-effective is low.

4.Refusal of compensation

Some of the unprofessional insurance salesman did not protect the content, the definition of the disease clearly, and even “through two years must pay” and other rhetoric.

A lot of people do not understand the actual situation to buy, the final claims were rejected, only to understand.

In fact, many people do not look at the terms of the policy after they have purchased it. It has been several years since the real discovery of the big problems in that insurance.

How to buy insurance in order not to be fraudulent?

At present, the insurance mechanism on the market, insurance practitioners, generally to the full-time marketing model.

Insurance salesman on the sale of their basic products is a poor understanding, see people directly to the various sales to advise, before signing you are God, after signing the word may not find people.

In fact, only we have some knowledge to avoid insurance in a timely manner, to buy suitable for their own and families of good insurance.

In order to help more people to understand the basic knowledge of insurance, understand the insurance industry those pits, better use of “insurance” to provide maximum protection for their lives.

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