Types of family car insurance, how to buy insurance for family cars

Buy a Car friends should be familiar with, after buying a car to buy some insurance, but the family car need to buy what models? Buying car insurance has always been a problem that many car owners are entangled. There are many types of car insurance, if you buy it, it is definitely not worth it. If you don’t buy it, you are afraid that your rights and interests will not be protected, so, how to buy car insurance is the best match? Take this opportunity to give you some suggestions, for reference only. There are many types of car insurance, for our common people, in fact, to buy these 3 kinds are enough.

family auto insurance

Family car insurance type: Traffic insurance

The full name of the traffic insurance is the compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance, which is the personal injury and property loss of the victims caused by the insured motor vehicle road traffic accident, compulsory liability insurance for compensation within the limit of liability.

Since it is “mandatory”, it means that you must buy it, and there is no reason why. In the past, the cost of family cars was fixed at 950 per year. However, starting this year, the floating mechanism has been implemented in the insurance premium of compulsory insurance, which is linked to traffic accidents, and the more traffic accidents occur, the higher the premium in the coming year.

family car insurance

Family car insurance type: third party commercial liability insurance

The term “third party commercial liability insurance” refers to accidents that occur during the use of the insured or its permitted legal drivers, resulting in personal injury or death or direct damage to the property of the third party, the insured shall bear the economic responsibility according to law, and the insurance company shall be responsible for compensation.

The third party liability insurance is a non-compulsory insurance, which can be used as a supplement to the compulsory insurance. That is, when the amount of compulsory insurance is not enough, the three are used at this time.

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Type of household car insurance: special clause excluding the deductible rate

The term “non-deductible insurance” is referred to as a non-deductible clause, which is a kind of additional commercial insurance (car damage insurance or three-liability insurance). The insurance company shall be responsible for compensation within the limit of liability for the portion of the amount of compensation that should be borne by the insured, calculated according to the deductible rate specified in the corresponding principal insurance clause “.

american family car insurance

Family cars with these 3 kinds of insurance, as long as you are not too out of line, it is basically able to cope with the daily situation, but also the most affordable combination. As for other types of insurance, it depends on personal preferences.

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