What is the formula for the calculation of car insurance? How to calculate car insurance

Now people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, and many people have a means of transportation-cars. With the increase of car owners, more and more complex road traffic will inevitably have some friction. Therefore, many car owners will buy some suitable car insurance for their own car, so that they can get some compensation in the event of an accident. Today take a look at what is the formula for the calculation of the purchase of car insurance?

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1. Premium for vehicle loss insurance = basic cost of partial loss + amount of partial loss insurance * partial loss rate + amount of total loss insurance * Total loss rate

2, the third party liability insurance premium = fixed premium

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3. Calculation of additional insurance cost for vehicle loss insurance

(1) glass individual breakage insurance premium = new car purchase price * rate

(2) spontaneous combustion damage insurance premium = Insurance Amount * rate *(1 + relative floating proportion of used floating life)

(3) vehicle stop loss insurance premium = maximum compensation days * Daily compensation amount * rate

(4) the whole vehicle theft rescue premium = Insurance Amount * rate *(1 + floating ratio of relative value of used life + floating ratio of anti-theft device + floating ratio of fixed parking place), new equipment loss insurance premium = Insurance Amount * corresponding to the vehicle loss insurance partial loss rate, other vehicle loss insurance additional insurance premium = Insurance Amount * rate

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4. Calculation of additional insurance costs for third party liability insurance

(1) on-board personnel liability insurance premium = number of seats insured * maximum compensation limit per person per accident * rate *(1 + floating proportion of compensation limit + floating proportion of safety device), the floating proportion of the compensation limit is determined according to the cumulative compensation limit of all the insured seats.

(2) on-board cargo liability insurance premium = maximum compensation limit per accident * rate *(1 + floating proportion of compensation limit)

(3) no-fault liability insurance premium = third party liability insurance premium * rate

(4) Vehicle cargo drop insurance premium = compensation limit * rate *(1 + compensation limit floating ratio)

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The above is to introduce the formula for the calculation of car insurance. In fact, there are many factors that affect the cost of car insurance, we need to pay attention to, for example, we all know the relationship between the number of car insurance and the cost of car insurance: If the owner has no insurance claims in the previous year, in the second year, you can save a portion of the premium; On the contrary, if there are more accidents in the previous year, the premium will be correspondingly more expensive.

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